How to Organize Your Work Van

Work Van

Your van will be your most important tool when you are in the service industry. Whether you are in the fleet industry, a contractor or other service provider, you will need a van that can handle your storage and transportation needs.

Some of the important customizations to make on a van to ensure it serves you well include getting appropriate storage space at the back.

An organized van is the foundation on which you will successfully build the rest of your business. When your vehicle is not organized properly, the possibility of losing things and money increases. You may also be putting your technicians and other members of your staff at risk by allowing your van to stay disorganized.

There is a variety of ways in which you can organize your work van. Here are a few ideas which you may find useful.

Partitioning the van:

Partitions are also known as bulkheads. They are useful when you want to organize your work van because they create smaller space and limit the movement of things. The first and biggest bulkhead fits in the space between the cargo area and the front of the van.

This protects the passengers at the front of the van from moving items at the back. You can also have smaller bulkheads made to partition the rear space further, and have different types of tools assigned to the smaller spaces created.

There are also many van accessories which can mount onto the main bulkhead. These accessories will hold down different tools and make sure that they do not sway around when the car is in motion. There is also the fact that the partitions reduce the movement of the tools when the vehicle is in motion, eliminating noise when driving.

Laying the foundation:

The most important aspect of organizing the van will be laying a proper foundation. The base of the van and the condition it is in will determine how stable your vehicle will be when in motion. When stacking items at the back of the van, it is important to make sure that you start with the heavier items and place them at the bottom.

Some of the large equipment that you can reserve for the bottom of the van includes generators, drain cleaning machines, and air compressors. When the larger items are placed at the bottom, you are able to create space and build towards the smaller items that you will place on the top racks.

Thinking vertically:

The other important consideration that you need to make is that the horizontal space inside your van will probably never be enough to contain everything that you need to carry wherever you go. You, therefore, need to think about organizing things upwards.

This means putting the smallest parts at the top. Stackable bins are an excellent choice when it comes to the storage of small repair parts that you need. Get hanging poles across the entire length of the van’s interior. This will help you store all the small tools that you need quick access to every day.

The location matters a lot:

It is crucial to note that location is everything when organizing tools inside your van. The items which you use most of the time should be the easiest to locate. This means that if for instance, you use hammers in all of your operations, you should have them hanged by the door. This minimizes the need to keep rummaging through the van to locate something. It also saves you time and makes your visits easy to handle.

Most cargo vans do not have windows, so it is best to pick an artificial source of light and light up the corners of your cargo van. Finally, always organize and declutter your van to make sure that everything stays where it should be.

Here are the benefits you will gain from the well-organized van:


a well-organized van is also safe. When you have loose tools lying around at the back of your vehicle, you are posing a danger to yourself, your passengers and other road users. In the event of an accident or other road incidents which may force the vehicle to stop suddenly, the tools may end up scattering all over the highway, being hurled at oncoming traffic or hurting you as the driver. When they tie down in quality storage systems, safety inside the vehicle enhance.

Inventory management:

The other benefit that comes from getting it right when it comes to organizing your vehicle is that you simplify the process of managing your inventory. When tools and equipment stay in the same place, it will easy to know what needs to restock, and what is still in good condition. This way, you do not have to restock expensive tools before they have gotten to the end of their life.


Not many business owners realize it but, there is a lot that goes into how clients and customers perceive you than just the way that you do the job. If your van is not organized, potential customers do not take you seriously. The only way to project the image of a professional and ensure that customers get confidence in your services as soon as they see your work tools and the level of organization of your work van is neatness.

Saving money:

Well-organized van helps you make more money and at the same time save you money. Tools and equipment that is transported loosely are more prone to damages than well organized and properly stored tools. To avoid having to dig deep into your pockets for repairs, you should organize your van.

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