When Should You Hire A Workers Compensation Lawyer?

Work-related injuries can be tough to deal with. The physical pain and mental stress, not to mention the potential income loss, can all be too overwhelming. For this reason, workers’ compensation exists to help employees who suffer injury or illness from work-related causes.

However, finding your way through the system can be complex without a seasoned workers’ comp lawyer helping you out.

These legal experts can guide you through the often bureaucratic process. They will engage the relevant insurance companies and help you complete the required paperwork while maintaining deadlines. Furthermore, not only can they get you the medical care you deserve, but most importantly, they can increase the size of your compensation.

That said, you must know when to hire a Richmond workers’ compensation lawyer. This guide will walk you through the various circumstances when it might be necessary.

Understanding The Role Of A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Role Of A Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Before delving into the specifics of when to hire a Richmond workers’ compensation lawyer, here is a detailed look at the roles they play in a workers’ comp case:

  • Case Evaluation: A good workers’ comp lawyer offers a free consultation to assess your case. They will guide you through all the procedures and provide objective solutions.
  • Filing and Documentation: Workers’ compensation attorneys ensure you file all the necessary forms and meet the deadlines.
  • Negotiation: An attorney can negotiate effectively with the insurance company. If negotiation fails, they can prepare for and represent you at the hearing or trial.
  • Representation: If your case isn’t settled, a workers’ comp attorney can take it to court, where they’ll represent you. They will gather the evidence needed to support your case, negotiate effectively with the insurance company, and write a settlement agreement to avoid unanticipated consequences.

Hiring A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer: Situations That Demand Legal Counsel

While you might deem yourself capable of handling simple workers’ compensation cases independently, certain situations beg the expertise of a workers’ comp lawyer. Examples of such scenarios are:

1. Your Employer Turns Your Claim Down

If your employer turns down your claim or takes their time paying your benefits, it’s time to hire a lawyer. Some insurers and employers often deny workers’ comp claims, hoping that employees will fail to appeal. The sad truth is they’re usually correct. But with a workers’ comp attorney on your side, you’ll have the best chance to get a fair settlement for your troubles.

2. Your Settlement Offer Doesn’t Cover All Costs

You need an attorney if your compensatory offer doesn’t cover all your medical expenses or lost wages.

3. Your Injury Prevents You From Returning To Work

You will need a Richmond worker’s compensation lawyer if your medical issues keep you from going back to work, limit your output, or prevent you from doing any work whatsoever.

4. You Intend To Apply For Social Security Disability Benefits

If your settlement is structured improperly, your workers’ comp benefits could reduce your Social Security disability payments. A reputable lawyer will understand how to draft your settlement agreement to eliminate or, at the very least, minimize this offset.

5. Your Employer Fights Back

You will need a Richmond workers’ compensation lawyer to ensure you’re fairly treated as your unique circumstance requires if, after filing a workers comp claim, your employer proceeds to:

  • Fire or demote you
  • Reduce your hours
  • Cut your pay
  • Discriminate against you in any way

Frequently Asked Questions About Workers’ Comp Lawyers

Do I Need A Workers’ Comp Lawyer?

Not every situation requires a lawyer, but they can be beneficial in any of the abovementioned situations.

How Much Does A Workers’ Comp Lawyer Cost?

Lawyer fees vary by state, but a workers’ comp lawyer typically charges about 15% of your final settlement or benefits payments.

What Can A Workers’ Comp Lawyer Do That I Can’t?

A local lawyer should be adequately experienced in your relevant state’s laws, so they’ll know how to negotiate a more extensive settlement or avoid payment delays.

To Sum It Up

A Richmond workers’ compensation lawyer can be invaluable when dealing with the complexities of a workers’ comp claim. They can hold your hand through the process from start to finish to help ensure you receive your deserved compensation.

From minor injuries to complex cases involving permanent disability, having a skilled lawyer on your side can make all the difference.

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