Top 10 Health Insurance Enrollment Software In 2023

Top 10 Health Insurance Enrollment Software

Many businesses have a payroll service, but they still opt for additional/separate health insurance software. Of course, it depends on the type of organization availing these services.

But, there are many platforms that handle both benefits administration and payroll processing at the same time. Yes, some are added, and some come integrated with the pricing package.

If your business is looking for the best employee benefits or health insurance software, then this article might be helpful. Here, I have listed the top health benefits software for employees.

What Are Health Insurance Software?

What Are Health Insurance Software

Employee benefits software or health insurance enrollment software allows employers to choose and administer different benefits packages for the organization. Employees can use these platforms to enroll themselves in different plans.

This platform exists to provide employees with different benefits plans and their types. Different comparisons of plans, regulatory compliance features, automated enrollment capabilities, etc. As I told you before, these applications are usually subsets of payroll processing software or HR software. So if you are looking for anything like what I listed below, you will find the answer in this article –

  • employee benefits platforms
  • employee benefits providers
  • benefits administration software
  • voluntary benefits software
  • benefits management software
  • benefits enrollment software

Top 10 Health Insurance Enrollment Software

Here are some of the best benefits administration software of 2023.

1. Justworks


Justworks is the best professional employer organization tool. If you are looking for an employer organization tool without lots of HR functions, then you need Justworks. They work well for businesses without extensive HR functions. They are very fast and transparent about posting sign-up deadlines and sending enrollment reminder emails. This translates into a low-stress process for the employee and for the employer.

2. Rippling


Rippling offers a set of features allowing businesses to run IT, HR, and finance in one place. The workforce system of a company requires attention to different aspects like hiring, onboarding, computer, and more. Benefits administration is a subset of all those different aspects that need attention. Rippling, as a health insurance enrollment software, offers services to companies in the IT and computer software industry.

3. Vantage Circle

Vantage Circle

This is easy-to-use and maintained employee benefits tracking software. Vantage Circle is a global platform, and they use AI to provide better services to their client. They easily record the different benefits for employees and allow them to access the information regarding the same. This software is trusted by companies like Aricent, WIPRO, GE, and Mu Sigma.

4. Gusto


Gusto is one of the best payroll processing platforms. Their flat pricing rate and features are used and appreciated across different industries. Additionally, this program allows the users to custom-make the employee benefits features they want to offer to the employee.

Some of the financial benefits these platforms offer to employers include – HSAs and FSAs, dental, cash accounts & pay advances, vision, a 401(k), or commuter benefits.

5. ADP


Using ADP, employers can manage different benefits they want to provide to the organization. ADP allows employers to process payroll, track employee clock-in, and clock-out, manage benefits, and more. It offers a mobile app for allowing easy access. There is also a benefits calculator, and there is also a decision support tool helping workers pick the ideal tool.

6. League


League is a benefits enrollment software focusing on employee experiences. This program is also known for providing simplified data through snippets and surveys. It helps employees become knowledgeable about the healthcare benefits they are getting. There is an organized health profile accessible through the intuitive dashboard they offer.

7. Benefitfocus


If you are looking for healthcare insurance enrollment software strictly for benefits administration, then Benefitfocus is the answer. Most of the benefits range between vision, standard health, dental, and retirement plans, student loan assistance, car insurance, critical illness support, and more. Employees can also use mobile applications to access the balance of their benefits.

8. Namely


If you are looking for extensive benefits enrollment platforms, then Namely is the one you need to check. They have built Namely Exchange, an online healthcare marketplace. There are many plans and packages employers can pick up from.

Namely offers different employee benefits features, including some modern ones like – behavioral health support, student loan reimbursement, & parental leave. Employers can also avail of traditional benefits like dental, vision, and other healthcare benefits.

9. BSwift


Businesses looking for outsourced benefits administration software can use BSwift. They use technology and customer service together to offer the best benefits record for employees. There is an online system through which the employees enroll.

Employers can offer traditional employee benefits through this platform. Some examples would be – health, dental, vision, worker’s compensation, short-term & long-term disability, life insurance, etc.

10. Employer Navigator

Employer Navigator

Benefits administration is one of the subsets of administration-related work a business goes through when managing a workforce. Employer Navigator is one of them. This health insurance enrollment software is easy to navigate through. Also, employees can input data and access the portal at any time. Also, the employees can track and add tasks for employees to ensure their compliance and participation.

Bottom Line

Employers usually offer different financial benefits to their employees. These are usually regarding health, disability, and life insurance. But it is difficult for businesses to oversee and manage all the benefits at once without software that simplifies the process. Here, I have listed the top 10 such platforms that offer these benefits.

Hopefully, this article provided the information you needed on benefits administration. However, if you need more information on the same, please let us know through the comment section.

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