What Are Examples Of Commercial Security?

Commercial Security

Whether you are a large enterprise-level business or a small business, you need commercial security to ensure your assets remain safe, so you can focus on your business rather than worrying about security threats. With advancements in technology, there are different types of commercial security systems and devices available on the market.

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Access Control Systems

An access control system is a special commercial security tool that only provides entry to authorized or registered personnel. This typically includes employees, but you can configure the system to grant access to anyone. This technology allows you to control which personnel can access specific areas of your business premises. For example, you may want to restrict access to sensitive areas such as the stockroom or warehouse.

The access control system can use different types of technology to grant access, including key cards, PIN codes, or biometric scanners. Not only do access control systems minimize authorized access, but they also provide access to monitoring and tracing the movement of individuals within the premises. This data is valuable in the investigation of security issues and security audits to help plug gaps in the system.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are often an integral part of commercial security systems. They play a vital role in the real-time monitoring of the premises and capturing footage for review and analysis if needed at a later stage. With the presence of security cameras on your commercial property, you deter criminals from targeting your business. This includes acts of vandalism, theft, and other illicit activities.

Some modern security cameras also allow for remote monitoring, so even if you are not physically present at your commercial properly, you can still monitor it. Commercial video surveillance footage also helps you resolve employee conflicts since you get to use solid video evidence rather than relying on hearsay or conflicting accounts of what happened. If you get sued by an employee or have legal matters that require evidence, you can use the video footage captured by the security cameras.


Commercial security systems often consist of different types of sensors, such as motion detection sensors, which detect and respond to any physical movement near the sensor. Sensors are placed in different areas of the commercial property to trigger a response when a specific event occurs. Generally, the sensors are linked to a centralized system that controls all the sensors on the property.

If the motion detection sensors are triggered, they immediately alert security personnel that movement has been detected in that specific area. The most common spots for installing sensors include doors and windows; however, they can be installed in several other areas. Some sensors are also designed to detect fire to alert emergency services or to activate a fire suppression system.

Visitor Management

With a visitor management system, you get a secure environment for your customers, clients, guests, and any other visitors to your business. These types of systems offer a unified solution to visitor registration, check-in, monitoring, access control, and check-out.

In most cases, the visitor management system can be integrated with other elements of commercial security systems, such as sensors and video surveillance. While visitor management systems are more common in medium to large-sized businesses, any size and type of business can benefit from this type of technology. Some vendors also offer a custom-designed visitor management solution to meet your specific needs.


Commercial security solutions and services have come a long way from just offering physical security for business premises. In this era, criminals are looking for any type of opportunity to gain unauthorized access to business assets, including digital data.

Commercial cybersecurity tools help with the early detection of threats so your cybersecurity team can proactively react to prevent cyberattacks. In addition, cybersecurity systems offer different layers of security, making them difficult for cybercriminals to break into. This includes external data backup so that you don’t lose access to your data. These systems are regularly updated, so they have the latest security patches for handling new cybersecurity threats.

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