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Employee Navigator

Whether you are managing a large scale enterprise or a small agency, facing many issues with onboarding, HR management, payrolls, and employee management is common. But, thanks to Employee Navigator, you can say bye-bye to lots of struggles and problems.

This SaaS tool has integrated some of the most necessary tools under one platform for the HR departments of a business. It has been helping more than 50000 businesses across the US manage their employees with onboarding and more.

If you are considering using the platform, read this review I have put together in this article. Should we skip to the good part?

What Is Employee Navigator?

What Is Employee Navigator

Whether a benefits advisor or a team of HRs, Employee Navigator can help you with streamlined benefits administrations. They have built a reputation for channeling clients and partners in a more strategic and scalable way. Their partnership with popular health insurance brokers and companies such as HealthJoy has proven their efficiency.

They are currently the fastest-growing HR system and benefits administration tool in the industry. According to their LinkedIn account, Employee Navigator has helped more than 50,000+ companies manage more than 6,000,000+ employees. The number is currently increasing as we speak.

The tool is designed for enterprises and agencies, and they can use the tool on Windows devices. Employee advisor offers end-to-end solutions for HR teams across different industries. HR teams are provided with solutions for different needs, such as –

  • FSA Administration
  • Employee Database
  • Employee Lifecycle Management
  • Self-Service Portal
  • Onboarding at one place

Employee Navigator Products & Features

Employee Navigator Products & Features

Here are the different products that this platform houses under one umbrella –

Benefits Administration

You may have to work a lot with the benefits administration when onboarding new employees. But, thanks to the help of the employee navigator tool, you can set up, manage, and enroll your employees online with little work. You can easily get them enrolled, compare plans, review their coverage status, and monitor their enrollment status. This is only part of it; there is more available on their website.


Employee Navigator works with leading payroll companies, insurance carriers, and TPAs. this allows them to provide a great digital experience to employers and brokers. You will be amazed by their automatic enrollment processing, real-time payroll sync, and Automated COBRA administration.

ACA Reporting

Businesses will have the simplest ways for ACA reporting with the ACA reporting tools integrated into the Employee Navigator SaaS tool.

Integrated Payroll

The HR team of your organization will benefit from the Payroll integration with the leading payroll companies across the world. It is the all-in-one solution you were looking for for your clients.

New Hire Onboarding

Who says new hiring has to be difficult? You can create a custom list of onboarding tasks using the SaaS tool’s onboarding product. It also gives the companies a competitive edge over the brokers. You can easily fulfill new hire forms; the compliance is simplified on the platform.

HR Management

HR management can be made easy with the Employee Navigator tool. You can keep all the HR systems and records in sync. Employee self-service and automatic employee updates can help the HRs of your organization to a great extent.


Employee Navigator users can easily view schedules at a glance, automate employee reporting, and automate the calculation of employees’ time inside the workspace. Some of the most important features are building company holidays, company policies, one-click approval, and a team calendar view.

Other Features

Aside from the ones mentioned above, there are many other features Employee Navigators can use.

  • Contact Management
  • Commission management
  • Compensation Management
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Employee Lifecycle Management
  • Deduction Management
  • Disability Insurance Administration
  • FSA Administration
  • Life Insurance Administration

Employee Navigator Pros & Cons

Employee Navigator Pros and Cons

Although all of your HR-related needs are met on the platform, there are some pros and cons of using this platform. Go through the pros and cons section to learn more about this tool.


  • The platform has responsive support staff. They are all ears if you need them.
  • They take user feedback on required improvements on the platform.
  • Best benefits administrations technology.
  • Easy to add new employees.


  • The software has lots of complexities. It does projects funneled through one person in the organization.
  • The time of features may not work sometimes.

Employee Navigator Pricing Plans

Employee Navigator Pricing Plans

Although the tool is beneficial in many ways, small agencies will have a hard time covering the money it costs. The monthly package starts from $445. There are four different pricing plans for the Employee Navigator tool. Below are the plans you can choose from –

EnhancedEnhanced PlusElitePlatinum
 + $500/yr SupportBenefits communicationBasic enrollmentACA ReportingModern carrier, TPA & payroll integrations  + $500/yr SupportAll of Enhanced+834 EDI files*
Third-party apps
+ $750/yr SupportAll of Enhanced PlusEnrollment Assistance toolNew hire OnboardingRecurring task managementPTO & vacation tracking + $750/yr SupportAll of Elite$0 PEPM for 834 EDI
Priority phone support 

Users will have all the below-mentioned training supports available in all the plans as mentioned below –

  • Assigned Implementation Consultant
  • User webinar series
  • Broker training sessions
  • Knowledge base and video library
  • Email & phone support*

However, the Employee Navigators Platinum users will have Priority phone support as an exclusive support.

Bottom Line

The employee navigator portal is not that complex for employees and employers to follow. However, there are both pros and cons to the tools that HR teams should consider when looking for the best HR software. Employee Navigator integrates lots of features under one roof. The tool is used by StartUps, Enterprises, and SMEs beneficially.

Consider this tool if you are looking for an all-in-one HR suit for your business. However, it might seem a bit on the costly side, so you might want to reconsider and look for any alternative instead. I hope this review shared the information you were looking for on the tool. If you have any additional queries, I will take you up on them through the comment section. Thanks for going through this article.

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