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Air miles are among the most popular credit card reward benefits where everything you spend on can earn you air miles. These air miles can be traded in for free flights and discounts on your air fare, hotel bookings and a number of other travel incentives. They happen to be a great way of saving up for your dream holiday and ensuring that the vacation does not burden you financially. Choosing a card with the most air miles is a smart move in the long run, where each transaction brings you that much closer to your holiday!

How can you earn air miles?

The number of air miles you earn depends solely on the travel rewards that your card offers. Usually, these air miles are accumulated with each new transaction on your card. Some cards offer introductory offers or extra miles on specific types of purchases. There are limitless possibilities on how you can earn these air miles, mainly depending on how you use your credit card. Simply using the card for making more transactions is one way of improving upon your air mile figures. Another way is to keep a look out for all promotional offers that your credit card company might have on hand for special occasions. Taking advantage of these benefits will improve your overall air mile count, which means you can fly further.

How many air miles till you get your free flight?

Qualifying for a free flight based solely on your air miles depends on a number of factors such as your destination, the time of year, the class you’ll be flying, etc. It is similar to how various factors affect the price changes of flight tickets. Making the best of your air miles is all up to you. When you book your flight, the available promotional offers would dictate how you choose to make use of the free air miles at your disposal.

The good news is that you will be able to monitor your air milepoints online, therefore allowing yourself to plan your flights well in advance. Keeping a lookout for any special promotion that your credit card company offers, beforehand, will also help you plan all credit card purchases to gain additional air miles.

Special offers you can expect

Apart from air miles, most credit card companies offer a number of additional rewards that can be tailored to suit your specific travel requirements, depending on the kind of card you choose. Most of these additional benefits that you are entitled to are essayed in your credit card’s terms and conditions. You can also approach the credit card company directly to know about any additional benefits that can be availed by you to add to your existing air miles.

Certain additional travel benefits that you may expect to gain would include complimentary access to exclusive lounges in certain airports, dedicated check ins, discount on tickets from certain carriers, etc. Some card companies also offer special discounts and hotel benefits as additional perks to their clients with enough air miles. In a nutshell, if you are planning on getting a new credit card, it pays to find a card that will get you the most air miles.

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