Does Tape Advertising Really Work?

Tape Advertising

Several people in the world go to supermarkets daily and buy something. You get a receipt when you purchase something from a supermarket, and most people throw it in the dustbin. Human nature, right? But these are indeed a source of earning profit. And that’s the technique- Tape Advertising!

What is tape advertising?

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Tape advertising is one of the oldest and most proven business techniques in all supermarkets and retailers. It’s a medium to place their promotional advertisement or coupons on the grocery store on the back of the receipt. In countries like the U.S.A., tape advertising is commonly and effectively used. Regarding the approach, tape advertising works effectively for local people or shops. Demographically, it’s elementary to catch the audience through this technique.

Several brands in the market help businesses get coupon codes or ads printed on the receipt in a perfect way. But one should always choose by looking at its reviews and ratings. It’s amazing how one side of the receipt contains purchase items, and the other can be easily printed with the brand’s name. In 2023, most people think this traditional advertising method has lost its essence. Still, in the real world, tape advertising is one of small businesses’ best and most proven marketing techniques.

You can easily catch the audience geographically and demographically by providing them with the best coupons and ads for your store. Tape advertising works effectively in a database of a single note or massive outreach. Restaurants and hotels are one of the most prominent players in tape advertising. They go to grocery shops, pay a minimal amount to promote them, and list their brand name on the back of the receipt. Customers will check the bill, turn in the receipt, and read the name, and you never know if they can be seen at the restaurant.

Benefits of using this technique:

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  1. The most potent method to increase the audience’s reach smoothly is by providing good deals, discounts, or coupon codes.
  2. Proven methods for local shop owners who want to improve their repeat sales.
  3. It’s very affordable.
  4. Use this to build a brand
  5. Tape advertising will boost traffic to your business

Why Tape advertising?

Here are the two powerful reasons why a business needs to choose tape advertising as their next go-to marketing technique.

It helps to improve your brand image

Suppose one regular grocery store customer is making a purchase, gives cash to the cashier, and, in return, gets a receipt. He turns and sees your brand. At this moment, trust is being built because a loyal customer of a grocery store who has been visiting this grocery store says for 5 years if they see any advertisement of the receipt, there is an 80% chance of a conversion.

Stand out from the crowd.

One of the main advantages of this advertising is it will expose customers to your logo and brand design. This will help your business to stand out from the crowd. And if you have good branding and visuals, you can expect a good hike in customers’ reach. Moreover, with this technique, you will build loyal customers and, ultimately, your brand value.

Final words

When it comes to tape advertising, it has been proven that it is one of the best methods, especially for small shop owners and grocery stores. It is an excellent way to boost your business traffic. Also, restaurants are already playing big. If you want your brand to get entities as customers’ favorite brands, you need to adopt this technique.


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