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does taco bell take apple pay

When you think about ordering some mouth-watering tacos, I bet the first name that comes to your mind is Taco Bell. It’s one of the most famous restaurants in the USA for ordering Tacos and other Mexican foods. However, you might have this question in your mind – does Taco Bell take Apple Pay?

In such tough times, it is highly possible that you might be out of cash. Therefore, using digital payment methods for cashless payments has become more and more popular daily. Since the onset of the pandemic, Apple Pay has become one of the most used systems.

Therefore, it is critical for many hungry youths (and elderly alike) to know whether does Taco Bell do Apple Pay. If you have such questions on your mind, then you have come to the right place.

Read this article to find out whether do taco bell take Apple Pay or not.

Does Taco Bell Take Apple Pay?

If you have a question like does Taco Bell take Apple Pay or not – then the answer is YES.

Apple Pay is accepted by Taco Bell for all modes of payment. This includes payments made at and from:

Does Taco Bell Take Apple Pay?
  • A Taco Bell store.
  • At Taco Bell store drive-throughs.
  • Online orders are made using the Taco Bell iOS application.

Since so many people in the USA use iPhones, it was a necessary step for Taco Bell to ensure that Taco Bell Apple Pay gets accepted.

How To Use Apple Pay At Taco Bell?

Does Taco Bell take Apple Pay? Yes, they do! You can try doing the same by:

  1. First, register your Debit Card or Credit Card to your Apple Pay application.
  2. After your card and bank account get registered with Apple Pay, you can order food using the Taco Bell iOS application.
  3. After you are done selecting which dishes you wish to order, go to Checkout.
  4. Here, you will be presented with all the payment options. Select Apple Pay
  5. Now, you will be automatically redirected to the Apple Pay application. Here, you need to input your PIN and finalize the payment.

What Other Payment Modes Does Taco Bell Accept?

Apart from Apple Pay, Taco Bell also accepts various other modes of payment. These include:

What Other Payment Modes Does Taco Bell Accept

1. Debit Cards / Credit Cards

Debit cards and credit cards are one of the most commonly accepted modes of payment. This is available in all retail shops across the USA, and Taco Bell is different.

While making a payment, you can simply ask Taco Bell for the payments to be made using your card. Then, the waiter/receptionist/cashier will hand you a card reader, where you are required to insert your debit card or credit card. Then, you type in your PIN code and proceed to checkout. The card reader will generate a bill automatically, inclusive of all taxes.

2. Taco Bell Gift Cards

From time to time, Taco Bell provides many gift cards to customers. These can be found from various sources, which you have to keep an eye out for.

After you receive a Taco bell gift card, you simply present it to the cashier at a Taco Bell restaurant. You can use them during the drive-through as well. While the gift cards will occasionally hand out free food to you, they might not always do so. Many times, these gift cards are simply large discounts that you can avail of while ordering from Taco Bell.

Keep in mind that most of these gift cards are typically redeemable from the stores themselves. Only some of these gift cards will be accepted when ordering from the Taco Bell application (only if they are eGift Cards).

3. Google Pay

Does Taco Bell take Apple Pay? They accept other payment modes too. Google Pay is another online payment method accepted by Taco Bell. You can simply use the Google Pay application at check out from Taco Bell restaurants, drive-throughs, and even for online orders.

When the payment is required to be done, simply press the Google Pay option in your app.  It will automatically redirect you to the GPay app, where you need to finalize the payment by using your secret PIN code.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

For people who are concerned with whether does Taco Bell accept Apple Pay or not, here are the answers to some other questions they frequently ask:

Q1. Does Taco Bell Have Contactless Pay?

Taco Bell introduced various moves of contactless pay at a drive-thru. These were all introduced at a larger scale after the onset of the Covid pandemic. Steps such as this have all been part of Taco Bell’s Enhanced Safety Steps initiative.

Q2. Can You Use Apple Pay In A Drive-Thru?

Despite the interests of the people, the government of many federal states has made it a mandate that Taco Bell customers cannot pay with Apple  Pay at a drive-thru.

This includes paying directly from your iPhone or even your Apple Watch. However, many federal states allow payments made through Apple Pay at a drive-through.

Q3. Where Can I Use Apple Pay?

Most retailers in the USA, approximately 85% of them, accept the use of Apple Pay. You can use it at any place that accepts contactless digital payments, like departmental stores and even restaurants.

Q4. Does Apple Pay Work At McDonald’s?

Yes, McDonald’s does accept payment from Apple Pay. This option will come automatically on the iPhone app when you order from McDonald’s online through the application.


Regarding your questions, such as whether Taco Bell has Apple Pay or not, the answer is yes – Taco Bell accepts Apple Pay. You can make payments using Apple Pay in almost all payment systems employed by Taco Bell.

This means that you can use Apple Pay when ordering food from the store, at a drive-through, and even from the iOS Taco Bell application.

If you want more questions, such as does Taco Bell take Apple Pay, leave a comment down below and check out our other articles!


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