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Discover The Steps To Gaining Power BI Certification

Technology BY Abdul Aziz Jan 01, 2023
Power BI certificate from Microsoft

You can demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in managing, deploying, and using enterprise applications by achieving the Power BI certificate from Microsoft.

To receive your Microsoft Power BI certification, it is necessary to pass Exam DA-100: Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI. This Microsoft online courses examination aims to test your ability to perform the following technical tasks: acquire the data; create a model of the data; present the data visually; analyze the data before deploying and maintaining deliverables.

  • Name of Certification: Exam DA-100: Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI
  • Microsoft Power BI Certification Cost: $165
  • Prerequisites: Candidates should have a solid understanding of on-premises and cloud-based data repositories and data processing for these Microsoft online courses.
  • Duration of the exam: 150-210 minutes
  • Number of Questions: 40-60 multiple-choice questions (including case studies)
  • The score required for passing is 70%
  • Date of Expiration: None
  • Policy on retaking exams: Candidates can only take this Microsoft-certified professional exam five times within 12 months. If the candidate has failed the first attempt, they may retake the exam within 12 months of the date of the first attempt.

What Is A Power BI Developer?

What Is A Power BI Developer?

Most people have heard of Microsoft-certified professional Power BI but may need to learn what a Power BI developer is. A Power BI developer builds custom visualizations and dashboards using the Power BI platform.

They may also be responsible for integrating Power BI with other applications or systems. The role of a Power BI developer is growing in popularity as more organizations realize the power of data visualization and analytics.

A Power BI developer is an invaluable resource for any organization because they are responsible for several executives, managerial, cloud computing, and strategic tasks.

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Preparing For The Microsoft Power BI Certification Exam

Preparing For The Microsoft Power BI Certification Exam

  • Analyze the critical characteristics of the Microsoft Certified Azure AZ-500 certification

There is sufficient study material provided by Microsoft for students to prepare for the Microsoft Power BI Certification cloud computing exam. First, take a look at the Microsoft artificial intelligence on the improved website and make notes of it somewhere safe so that you can use it to formulate your strategy. This way, you can determine where you should begin and what you should study.

  • Check out the Microsoft Power BI Certification Exam content

It is essential to understand not only the exam syllabus but also the key details of the test, such as the duration, Microsoft artificial intelligence, the type of questions, and the cost. You should read them carefully to understand the course’s background better and prepare more effectively.

  • Plan your study schedule

You should follow the following routine to ensure you cover all topics on time, revise them, and take a sufficient amount of rest between them. The structure of your study time is necessary; otherwise, you will be prone to procrastination, getting distracted, or ignoring what has to be done. The Power BI Microsoft courses can also help you formulate a proper study structure.

  • Choose a study method

The self-study method does not provide you with sufficient resources or the opportunity to resolve your doubts whenever you wish. You can enrol in an online Power BI Microsoft certification training program in which experts will impart their knowledge. In addition, you will receive the most valuable resources to aid in your study process. Moreover, with the help of e-learning platforms and cloud security, you can access study materials from anywhere at any time and with 24/7 guidance to identify and fill in any knowledge or skill gaps.

Otherwise, you can look at the online Microsoft certification training tutorial for beginners. It will enable you to gain a more comprehensive understanding and even look at the Power BI online mock exams to verify your knowledge of cloud security.

  • Put Power BI to practical use

It makes no difference whether you know every detail and concept of Power BI cloud security when you cannot utilize these details in real-life applications. It is unnecessary for you to be concerned, as Microsoft certifications have developed, maintained, and continually improved a self-paced training application called Dashboard in a Day (DIAD). You can use the data set provided in this Microsoft certification course for your hands-on experience after completing the self-paced portion.


To become a certified Power BI professional, it is essential to keep up with technological changes and continuously learn new things. The Power BI cloud security exam can be challenging, but it can be easily tackled with enough preparation. The tips mentioned in this article should serve as a starting point for anyone looking to pass the certification exam.

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