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Whenever you think of the direct mailing approach of marketing, there is a vote of low confidence. Then why are experts still talking about it?

Direct mail is not just about getting a database and starting mailing. Rather, when done in a systematic manner, this can bring a lot of results.

In this excerpt below, we will discuss the reasons why you should be investing in a direct mailing service today.

Reasons Why Direct Mailing Is Not Dead

Without any further ado, let’s jump into the question of why you should be doing direct mailing. According to experts from a direct mail company.

Direct Mail Marketing Benefit

1. Has A Proven Better Roi

Compared to other advertising services, which require more investment, it has a lesser return on investment. But direct mailing will give you a 13 to 1 return on investment. With the amount of investment, you are getting. While this depends on the email campaign you are running, the number is more or less reliable.

2. Creates A Direct Chain Of Contact

Rather than relying on third parties like social media, you are now creating a direct chain of contact. This means if someone has a problem with a product, they can approach you directly. This cuts time and allows you to answer their query as soon as possible.

3. Creates Credibility

Seeing an exaggerated promotion on an OOT (outdoor advertisement), people might not trust you. However, when you build a relationship over direct mail, customers are likely to trust you more.

4. Better Chances Of Engagement

Communication is always the key to understanding what your customer needs. Especially their needs and where the void your product can fill. An email conversation helps better engagement than any other form of engagement. Sure, it might not be as effective as calling someone. However, not everyone will be willing to take your call. Sometimes, direct cold calls can even irritate customers.

5. Wider Reach

Direct mail is one of the sources of marketing which has a wider reach. For example, you can reach the household of every target audience. Plus, if you have a direct mailing service helping you, getting the right database will be easier. With their automated technology, you will receive a filtered database that will include demography, target audience, and active mail addresses.

6. It’s In More Personal

When you mail someone a hyper-personalized template, customers feel more personally attached to you. Seeing their name on the email and then seeing a well-crafted message which will serve them makes your company credible in their eyes. Email marketing is a great place to venture into hyper-personalized mail.

7. Your Customers Appreciate The Efforts

You will impress your customer base by sending a personalized email with a message meant just for them. Tapping into this side of audience psychology is becoming popular in the digital marketing sphere. The well-researched database and straightforward messages are impressing customers more than corporates, which still manage to confuse them with too many options.

8. Measuring Your Talents

Direct mail is the only form of marketing technique where you can quantitatively measure your results. If you have sent 100 emails and you get a reply for 2, and you were able to turn one into a customer, you will know that your investment ROI is 1%.

9. You Can Track Buyer’s Thought Process

There is nothing wrong with creating a chain of conversation. Rather, it allows you to understand the difference between what they want and what you are providing. With this clear track of the buyer’s history, you will be finally able to align the two.

10. It Encourages Formal Conversation

Although the informal platform of social media is garnering much attention from marketers, email still promotes formal conversion.

This prevents the chances of customers getting spammed and selling false products. Since it doesn’t force but communicate, customers have a chance to understand the business rather than get lured into exaggerated advertisements.

How To Find The Right Direct Mailing Company

To find a good direct mail company, start by researching online and reading reviews to gauge their reputation and reliability. 

Request recommendations from peers or colleagues who have experience with direct mail campaigns. 

Evaluate the company’s experience in your industry and its ability to target your specific audience. Inquire about their printing and mailing capabilities, as well as their data management and analytics tools. 

Ensure they can provide customizable solutions to meet your unique needs. Get quotes from multiple providers to compare pricing and services. Lastly, ask for samples of their work to assess the quality of their design and printing.

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