Digital marketing: 5 important predictions for marketers and brands

Digital marketing

Every year, the digital world is rapidly evolving with the new advancements and innovations. Rather than meeting the physical staff, consumers are more inclined towards interacting with apps and websites.

This behavioral change and consumers’ preference can’t be ignored for sure. Keeping that in mind, there are a few predictions with regards to the trends that will further evolve in the digital marketing industry. Let’s dive in;

Voice Search

Did you know over 20% of the Google searches are coming from the Voice Search? While more and more people are avoiding to write their queries especially while using their mobile phones, voice search is being the best possible choice for them.

Perhaps that’s the reason as to why businesses are considering it as a part of their SEO strategy. In fact, entrepreneurs have started focusing on this as they realize it would turn up astoundingly lucrative for their business in coming years.

Nice Influencer Marketing

On Social Media, there’s been a drastic boost in influencer marketing. There’s likely to be a significant decline in the celebrity endorsements, especially for products online. Instead, brands are more inclining towards new niche-influencers.

For sure, it’s no less than a strategic move and indeed cost-effective solutions to get along with. In 2018 and coming year, this would be one of the topmost preferences of big brands as well.

Live chat is proven to be on

Live Chat Works

e of the highest converting mediums especially for the B2B businesses in 2017. Undoubtedly, it’s quite likely to become an even more significant channel of communication that’s will almost fill all the gap between companies and potential buyers. In short, it would lead to the drastic hike in the ROI of online businesses.

For now, most of the businesses have put agents online for the working hours only. In the years ahead, enterprises will put more agents online to look after their online chat system and communicate with the website visitors. Traffic Digital, the leading digital marketing agency dubai, recommend its clients to have it on their website to enhance the user experience.

Micro Moments

Did you know there are more devices than people in the world? On average, each person checks phone 100+ times a day. Perhaps that’s the reason why micro-moments make sure a significant impact on the online industry. In the micro-moments, people decide whether they are going to buy specific product or service or not.

These micro-moments can be any minor activity from checking email to fronting a new social media post. In 2018 and years ahead, this behavior would be thoroughly monitored to get the huge amount of conversion out of it.

Better measurement of Omni-channel

You must have heard of the term known as Omnichannel. Many online clients often use this term. Over 75% of the mobile searches head to the online stores within 24 hours. This happens to be such a great chance for business to build their market and strengthen up their footprints online.

In 2018 and years ahead, Google will come up with more amazing ways for businesses to understand the visitors’ behavior so that they could analyze it thoroughly to get more out of it.


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