Tips For Finding Denver’s Best Executive Assistant Staffing Agencies

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Recruitment is one of the most challenging aspects of running a business.

You cannot just settle for anyone when it comes to building a team. Hiring is more complicated for some key roles, such as executive assistants. The process requires diligent effort and can take several weeks or even months.

Busy founders and executives can hardly wait long for an assistant, so HR managers need to speed up the recruitment process. But it is easier said than done if you operate in a market like Denver. A thriving economy, diversified industry, and ideal location make it a hotspot for businesses and job seekers.

The job growth rate and household income in Denver are higher than the national average. Statistics show that the cost of living in the city is 18.3% less than in New York, and rent is 44.3% lower than in New York.  It is a great place to set up a business, but finding top talent may be challenging due to the competition.

You can rely on a specialist executive staffing agency to recruit the best resources sooner than later. While Denver has several options in such agencies, finding the right one sets you up for success.

Here are a few tips to help:

Consider Your Needs

When hiring an executive assistant for your company, you cannot take a one-size-fits-all approach. Not all businesses have the same requirements and working models. For example, a brick-and-mortar business requires on-site employees, while a remote or hybrid company needs virtual resources. Small business owners have different needs from C-suite executives of large enterprises.

Finding a provider to help you with executive assistant staffing in Denver will be much easier if you have a clear view of your needs and expectations in the first place. All you have to do is ensure that the agency offers relevant services to match your checklist of requirements.

According to C-Suite Assistants, companies must look for an agency with a deep talent pool and an impressive track record of filling diverse administrative positions. These include CEO and C-Suite executive assistants, virtual assistants, personal assistants, office managers, and high-level administrative support staff. Working with such agencies helps business owners to recruit resources as necessary.

Look For Industry-Specific Expertise

Denver is a thriving economy with businesses operating in diverse sectors such as healthcare and wellness, bioscience, IT software development, aerospace, energy, telecommunications, and financial services. Finding the right executive assistant staffing agency is also about looking for industry-specific expertise instead of a random one.

Check the niche clients of agencies to understand whether they have a recruitment track record in your sector. It ensures strong networking and connections in the industry, giving you better chances of finding the best resources.

Additionally, these agencies know what qualities and skills C-suite executives in a specific niche expect in their support staff. Some must-have skills for executive assistants include good communication, organization, problem-solving abilities, time management, and tech-savviness.

Check Reviews

The best staffing agencies in Denver have a lot to showcase about their track record and clients. You can find the information on their website and social media pages. But savvy business owners never just settle for the word of the provider. Digging deep is the key to finding the best collaborations, and it becomes even more crucial when partnering with an executive staffing agency.

The best way to understand the agency better is by going through client reviews. They ensure an honest and real picture of the provider’s expertise, experience, and customer service. You can trust the word-of-mouth recommendations of people who have used their services.

Seek referrals from business owners you know and check reviews online to get a clear view of what you can expect from a provider. A little research can help you choose wisely, so don’t skimp on it.

Summing Up

Collaborating with an executive assistant staffing agency does more than help you find the perfect candidates for the role. The agency can reduce your workload by doing most of the heavy lifting, from prospecting the best candidates to vetting them to scheduling interviews. You can save tons of time and minimize the risk of hiring the wrong fits for your company by letting experts filter the best options.

But everything boils down to finding a reliable staffing agency in the first place. Busy executives and entrepreneurs must do their homework to search for a dependable partner so there isn’t a need to stress about hiring the best assistants over the years. Once you have a reliable agency, stick with it for the long haul.

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