How To Defend Against Inflation?

Finance BY Arnab Aug 08, 2022

Over the past few months, we have seen a huge increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) worldwide. It is the index that calculates the average change in the prices people pay for consumer goods & services, and it is a straight indication of inflation

Inflation is defined as the speed at which a currency’s value decreases and the level at which prices of goods & services increase.

Inflation hedging is a great way to save yourself during difficult economic times. Hedging against inflation can also aid in preserving an investment’s value. An investor can protect himself from inflation by allocating the funds to the assets that can give him more returns in such a period.

Top 5 Ways To Defend Against Inflation:

At the time of inflation, you need to spend extra money on goods and services; this can likewise influence your financial budget. In this way, guarding yourself against inflation is significant.

1. Invest in Real-Estate

Invest in Real-Estate

Investing in Real-estate can be a great decision during hard economic times because the demand for homes will hardly decline regardless of the economic situation. So, if you have your property, you can use it for rent, and the sale value is a whole different benefit.

2. Re-asses your budget

If you are spending money on unnecessary wants or luxury, cut down those expenses straight. Keep the money for the essential items, so you don’t get bothered by rising prices.

3. Invest fund in stocks

Invest in stocks

One must look to increase the investment in the shares. Transferring 10% of your funds from bonds to equities can gain you more benefits. A safe, conservative combination of stocks and bonds consists of a 60/40 stock/bond portfolio.

4. Diversify your investments

The best way to fight against inflation is to get good returns from the investments so that you don’t need to worry about rising prices. To earn good returns, you must diversify your investments and dedicate your money to various asset classes.

You may refer to a good personal finance education website to get an idea about investing money into the right asset classes.

Generally, ETFs, i.e., exchange-traded funds and mutual funds, are the best choices for diversifying your investments.

5. Re-evaluate your emergency fund

emergency fund

In hard times, emergency funds can be very useful, and thus you must re-evaluate your emergency funds to get safety during inflation. One must have liquidity during inflation to meet the rising expense due to a price hike.

We would advise you to have an emergency fund that can cover your 3-to-6-month expenses. Through this practice, you can be safe during any hard economic times.


In conclusion, we would say that in inflation, you need to pay more for your needs, and it simply means shaking your home’s monthly budget.

To overcome this situation, you need to cut unnecessary expenses and generate more returns from the investments so that there is more money for you to spend on rising prices. You can also use the above tips or ways to save yourself against inflation.

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