Cosmetic Dentistry With The Dental Concierge

Dental Concierge

A beautiful smile is a global cliché in dental advertising. And it is impossible to change because it is very difficult to overestimate the importance of healthy teeth. Beautiful teeth inspire confidence, relaxation, and openness to communication. It’s truly the key to success.

But what about people who are not blessed with a perfect smile from nature? Or have lost one due to circumstance, health, or age? The mission of The Dental Concierge is to recreate a beautiful smile for anyone, anywhere in the world. Thanks to the possibilities of modern cosmetic dentistry everyone can have the smile of their dreams.

The Dental Concierge is not only a dental service but also a full range of travel, accommodation, and even leisure services in the country where it is received (Costa Rica and Mexico). Do you want an unforgettable trip abroad with dental treatment? Then this offer is for you.

What To Expect: Types Of Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic Dentistry

The dental service operates in accordance with the highest and most stringent requirements of the American Board of Cosmetic Dentistry. Materials and preparations of the highest quality are used in the work.

Cosmetic dentistry allows for the restoration of a single tooth or the entire tooth row or even the jaw:

  • eliminate chips and cracks;
  • remove diastemas (large spaces between teeth);
  • whiten, polish, or buff the tooth surface;
  • restoring a dental crown;
  • to model and restore the tooth row.

Manipulations contribute not only to visual improvement but also to positive changes in overall health. Healthy teeth with the right bite are the key to good digestion, absence of headaches, and premature age-related deformities of the facial oval.

What You Can Get: Popular Ways To Restore Teeth

Ways To Restore Teeth

Cosmetic dentistry procedures are divided into direct and indirect. The former is performed directly in the patient’s mouth, while the latter involves preparatory work in the laboratory. The most common request for restoring a smile’s beauty is to restore the front teeth.

Dentists who work with The Dental Concierge use all available methods for correction:

  • photopolymer installation;
  • the insertion of implants on pins;
  • Corrective crown lengthening;
  • veneers installation.

Specialists profess the principle of gentle treatment, so the method of cosmetic restoration is chosen based on the specific situation of the patient in order to maximize the preservation of natural dentition.

How To Participate In The Program

dental restorations

The Dental Concierge specializes in complete dental restorations and handles the most complex cases. The patient does not have to worry about an international flight and accommodation in an unfamiliar country.

The service package includes complete support for the client from the airplane seat to the dentist’s office and back. All you need to do is leave an application on the official website or call the contact numbers. For a beautiful smile, it does not matter the distance and there are no borders.

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