Looking For A Place To Splurge For CNY Shopping? Temu Is Your Best Option!

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The most prominent holiday in China is the Chinese New Year. It is also extensively celebrated in countries with sizable populations of Chinese people, including the United States.

The Chinese New Year celebration can be the ultimate perfect time to get together with family. Having a feast together, exchanging gifts, and celebrating the festive day with loved ones!

Houses are thoroughly cleaned and new clothes and goods are purchased to signify a new beginning. Thus, as a part of the new year celebration, shopping for new goods is definitely an important to-do that should not be forgotten!

Do you want to do Chinese New Year shopping but are too lazy to go out? Worry not, because you can begin The Year of the Rabbit by shopping at Temu.

Temu, the U.S.-based online shopping platform, offers its customers jaw-dropping product prices. Making the Chinese New Year shopping not only easy but also superbly economical! Temu gives its customers access to a vast selection of products at their fingertips. Each product’s sale price varies, with the majority of products offering discounts of up to 50%.

But do remember though, for a Chinese New Year shopping spree, you can’t just purchase any goods you desire. There are ethics and rules that you should not forget, especially if you are shopping for gift-giving!

Purchase Goods In The Right Colors

Whether you purchase the goods for yourself or a gift to others, it is important to pay close attention to the color of the products you want to buy. It is best to choose red, yellow, or gold products colored because they will symbolize wealth and prosperity.

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On the other hand, avoid colors such as white, black, and blue, because it is synonymous with funerals and death. Beginning the new year with festive and good-meaning colors is the ultimate best tip for you to do.

Choose The Right Numbers For A Set

Another thing to consider is the Chinese superstition surrounding specific numbers. Especially if you purchase a gift, never give a set of four products. This is because four have almost the same pronunciation as “death”, thus many Chinese believe it can bring bad luck! Whereas a set of eight is considered to bring good luck.

To ensure you can get your hands on the Chinese-themed products without any hassle, you can click the Chinese New Year Sale banner that appears on Temu’s home page. It will take you directly to another page where you can easily choose what Chinese-themed product categories to buy.

Do you need a new cheongsam to wear on the day? A house decoration to beautify your room? Or Chinese-themed building blocks as gifts for the kids? Each of the products on Temu’s site has been curated as the top pick to buy. From fashionwear, home appliances, beauty, and toys – you can find almost everything at an excellent price!

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Temu prides itself on an e-commerce platform that can help customers to save more money on shopping. And for the Chinese New Year festivity, Temu is definitely doing a whole lot more to provide customers with the best shopping experience.

Do not fret about the quality of Temu’s products. Although Temu’s products are quite affordable in terms of price, Temu consistently focuses on the quality of each of the products they sell on its platform. Temu can provide its consumers with low-priced products because of its sister company Pinduoduo, an e-commerce platform that has access to more than 11 million global manufacturers! So fret not, low price does not equal low-quality products at Temu!

Wait no more and head out to Temu’s platform now, to get the benefit of the Chinese New Year sales. You can splurge for yourself and your family even with a limited budget!


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