The Advantages Of Choosing Drax Power

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Drax Power

With the need to advance to new energy resources, renewable energy has led to a new form of creating energy supply.

Drax Power, one of the leading power stations in biomass energy, is one of the largest companies to make the switch from coal to biomass to create a sustainable electrical energy supply. 

There are great advantages to using Drax Power, but first, let’s highlight some of the important aspects of what makes this power station stand out.

What is the Drax Power Station?

A big powerhouse used coal during the ’60s, the 70s, and 80s to provide energy supply. All that changed when the Drax power station began the production of biomass electricity in the 2000s.

Eliminating the use of coal also reduced the number of carbon they released into the environment as Drax Power station was known to be one of the prominent polluters in Western Europe. 

Drax Power refers to a thermal power station that turns water into pressurized steam using combustion-generated heat. 

The pressurized steam is then used to turn the energy turbines, thereby producing electricity that is spun using multiple electric generators.

Specializing in storing as well as capturing carbon dioxide generated from biomass. Moreover, this process is also known as BECCS or “bioenergy with carbon capture and storage.”

This process is important for decarbonization, as bioenergy is carbon neutral, allowing plants to absorb carbon dioxide when they keep growing. Biomass releases carbon-negative emissions, which eliminates the potential for pollution.

Services Drax Power Station Provides

Drax power station is known for wood pellet production, power generation, and carbon removals.

Wood Pellet Production

The power station has six boilers, four of which are designed to create wood pellets. These boilers burn biomass to convert them into wood pellets.

These wood pellets are manufactured by mixing residue wood chips from US lumber mills with leftover hardwood harvesting remnants.

Hardwood harvesting consists of branches, logs, and sticks. The mixture is later compressed into dense pellets having a high calorific value.

They are very simple to store as well, making these wood pellets an easy substitute for the use of coal in all power stations.

Power generation

The largest renewable energy supplier to the whole of UK businesses and provides hydroelectric and pumped hydro storage assets and sustainable bioenergy across England and Scotland.

Carbon removals

Drax Power will capture all the carbon dioxide by creating biomass energy by removing them from the atmosphere, creating negative emissions.

Materials Used For Bioenergy

A broad range of natural materials are used to create biomass. These materials include crops that are particularly planted as well as grown for biomass creation, wood and forestry products, and residue from agriculture.

Advantages Of Using Drax Power

There are advantages to using Drax Power as they have a responsible sourcing policy for their biomass production.

These are the commitments to which they will adhere while creating biomass energy. Protecting the forests in the US is one of the power station’s commitments, as the UK is dependent on the materials sourced from the lumber mills and forestry industry.

Reducing carbon dioxide emissions

Contributing to eliminating all carbon emissions by the year 2050, Drax Power is on board with the UK’s policy of reaching its net zero target by then.

Supporting people and communities

Creating work opportunities for people in surrounding communities who are interested in biomass energy creation.

Protecting the natural environment

Protecting all natural environments, especially forests, as well as protecting soil and water quality, supporting biodiversity and provision of habitat, and carbon storage.

Investing in research, outreach, and intervention

Working with all other official institutions to ensure that renewable energy resources are shared, and continuous research is done to create sustainable energy resources.

Other Advantages of Using Biomass Energy

Here are the advantages of using biomass energy.

It is less expensive than fossil fuels.

It is much cheaper to manufacture biomass energy as little capital is required for the process. Whereas with fossil fuels, the technology needed is quite expensive.

Biomass is carbon neutral.

The biomass process only releases the same amount of carbon dioxide as the photosynthesis process does.

This means that no extra carbon dioxide emissions are released into the air as plants absorb all the carbon released.

It will always be available as a source of renewable energy.

Since biomass requires natural sources to be made, such as wood, manure, and garbage, there will never be a shortage of these resources.

Reduces the need for fossil fuels.

With sustainable energy becoming the main source of energy supplies, the need for fossil fuels has been greatly reduced.

As a limited resource, biomass energy can help save whatever fossil fuel is left.

Reduces the amount of garbage in landfills.

Since solid waste is burned to create biomass energy, it will reduce the amount of garbage sent to landfills, limiting the overflow of dirt and toxins released into the atmosphere.

Adds revenue value for manufacturers.

Manufacturers can add to the revenue by selling the garbage or waste they produce to companies that are creating biomass energy.


Biomass is the face of renewable energy, as the benefits of using this process result in less wastage and an unlimited supply of natural resources to keep producing this energy source.

Saving fossil fuels, reducing the number of waste companies produce and dump in landfill, reducing the amount of carbon dioxide that is released into the environment, and allowing manufacturers to increase their revenue by converting their waste into a sustainable resource of energy is the surface level of advantages of choosing Drax Power.

To keep your business open during the energy and climate crisis, switching to renewable energy will not only benefit your business but will also encourage your clients and staff to start investing in a more sustainable and energy-efficient energy supply resource. 

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