7 Reasons You Should Consider A Career In Engineering

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Career In Engineering

Ingenuity and engineering are synonymous. Humans have always looked for ways to make their lives easier. Engineering, in a nutshell, is the art of solving problems to make our daily tasks easier. Perhaps the oldest profession, along with medicine, has shaped our world for better or worse.

Problems have always been there, and engineers have always found ways to solve them. From the manufacturing of a wheel to the latest Tesla, they are the reason we’re sitting in perhaps the most technologically advanced era of humankind.

If you’re a young student, hesitant about diving into this field, and this brief history lesson wasn’t enough to convince you to go for it, then we’re here to give you some compelling reasons to do it. Here are a few reasons to make a strong case for engineering with you.

7 Reasons To Consider A Career In Engineering

So, without further ado, let us get straight to the topic.

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1. Filled with Innovation

Engineering is all about thinking freely and unconventionally. It’s about finding unconventional solutions to different problems. Playing around with scientific concepts to help make new things is what it’s all about. Because of that approach, we are now playing with powerful electronic devices smaller than the palm of our hand.

If electronic devices fascinate you, then electrical engineering is your field. The future of innovation lies mostly in electronics, and going further after your bachelor’s and specializing in it will only improve your worth in the field. You can enroll in an online MSEE program to enhance your skills in identifying problems and working toward innovation.

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2. Application Centric Learning

Engineering is about thinking logically, building concepts, and learning through projects and applications. There’s no memorization or rote learning.

If memorization has never worked for you, if you’ve always felt like you’ve worked better with application-centric learning, then engineering is your career.

3. Evergreen Industry

As mentioned before, engineering has a rich history. Innovation started with something as simple as the wheel, considered the greatest invention in human history. That invention subsequently led to the creation of automobiles.

If you are worried that engineering won’t be as relevant in the future, don’t worry. It won’t end until the world itself shall cease to exist. So, you have ample opportunities if you opt for a career in engineering.

There’s electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, software engineering, etc. There are always problems and improvements that can be made in these sectors, better technology that can be realized, and you can be at the helm. This makes engineering evergreen and as relevant as it was before. The key is identifying where the need lies.

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4. It Pays Well

It goes without saying, in a highly skilled profession, the salaries that come with it are also pretty competitive. There are many jobs out there that have a high demand for engineers, however, it’s a tough job identifying problems and working towards solutions, but it’s also very lucrative.

An average engineer earns around $90,000 in the US, with software engineers earning more than $100,000 annually.

5. Chance at an Impactful Career

While it pays well, you have the chance to do something special in this field. With the world riddled with problems on the environmental front, healthcare being understaffed, waste problems, etc., you could be the one solving these problems.

As an environmental engineer, your knowledge could help solve our landfill issue. Similarly, as a material engineer specifically, you can devise sustainable ways of reusing plastic, especially the ones found in our oceans.

Additionally, as an electrical engineer, you can play your part in helping the world find solutions to go fully electric.

Every research that you’ll write and every new project you undertake will bring the world closer to realizing the next best thing, the next best solution to a problem we all may face globally.

Put simply, a career in engineering is very impactful for you and society.

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6. Transferrable Skills

It’s perfectly okay not to feel satisfied with your job and skills, and you want to look for change. Well, a lot of skills that you get while doing engineering are transferrable, meaning that they’ll help you go a long way in lots of other careers too.

Engineers have great problem-solving skills and they can apply them to all sorts of situations.

Engineering teaches you the art of project management. In addition, working on different projects during your college or job tenure will teach you how to manage deadlines and work with a team, all of which are highly sought-after skills in all sorts of working environments. It also teaches you the skill of improvisation, finding unorthodox solutions to different problems.

All of these skills are relevant and will help you go a long way in any career including in engineering.

7. Chances of Going International

Engineers are needed globally, and you could get a chance to work in a multinational company. Applying to different vacancies (which are many) in different tech/engineering companies could just give you a chance to travel and see the world while also giving you the exposure that you need to grow.

You’ll get to learn of the different techniques that engineers use all over the world for efficient field work and bring back some improvements home.

It is essential and recommended to always go for international exposure to upgrade your skills and refresh your mind with new innovations and technologies.

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Engineering is a fulfilling career with a rich history and an even better one going forward, making it evergreen. Opportunities are endless going into a career like engineering because you’ll be at the helm of innovation.

Studying up to your degree won’t mean rote learning; it’s all application-centric. The projects that you’ll do during your time as an engineering student will give you lots of skills, all applicable to jobs in all sorts of fields, giving you transferrable skills.

With lots of demand for engineers globally, you have the chance of going anywhere, and it pays pretty well. Most of all, you’ll be doing something meaningful in your career. You’ll be doing something fulfilling rather than just working all these years for a safe retirement.


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