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Every successful business requires excellent communication. From Basecamp to Slack, several apps can enable your business to simplify communication challenges and function effectively.

In addition to this, every small or large organization also requires a business phone system to streamline communications and aid in business operations. Simply put, a business phone system is known as a commercial phone system and has more to offer than merely receiving and making calls. The best systems can incorporate conferencing, messaging, and much more.

A Gartner analysis predicted that the expansion of cloud-based phone systems would exceed 60% by the year 2022, with an estimated overall user base of 695 million. In this article, we will discuss the available business phone systems and how to find the one best suited for your business.

Business Phone Solutions: The Options Available

Before you proceed to select the appropriate business phone system for your company, it’s essential to assess your options. There are three available choices:

The On-Premise PBX

A conventional PBX phone solution operates through phone lines, enabling basic phone communication. Its communication server is located and maintained within the office premises. This technology has been in use for several years, and many businesses consider it a stable solution as it is not affected by internet outages.

Virtual VoIP System

As a software solution, the VoIP system doesn’t require any hardware. Most phone calls are managed through a web-based app or a provider’s software on your computer. In this setup, there’s no need for a traditional phone. The service provider operates the server that hosts and maintains the calls. Additionally, you only need to provide a stable and robust internet connection to manage calls.


This business phone system effectively manages communication via an internet connection instead of a phone line. You can host the communication server on-site or on a remote server as well. The team that manages the phones will get this done via the SIP-enabled hard phones. This business phone system has evolved over the years and will need a stable, strong internet connection to function effectively.

WOW! asserts that every brand possesses a distinctive voice for connecting with its customers. Consequently, even the choice of phone services should align with the unique demands of each organization. In today’s landscape, leading players in this niche have developed service plans that provide businesses with the flexibility they require to ensure seamless connections with their customers.

Finding The Correct Business Phone System

Finding The Correct Business Phone System

When selecting a good and reliable business phone system, there are a few questions that you need to ponder. These questions will outline your activities and objectives and help you choose the best solution. The questions are as follows:

What Is Your Current Set-Up?

Is your business brand new, or do you already have an existing setup that you intend to upgrade? These are essential questions you must consider. Opting for a PBX system may not be a wise decision if you lack the required infrastructure.

On the other hand, installing an IP PBX system might seem simpler. However, you will still need to acquire the necessary licenses and devices. Therefore, choose a business phone solution that offers a seamless transition. In this case, a virtual setup might be the ideal choice for a new business.

How Much Can You Invest?

Budgeting is essential, as all three business phone systems entail initial investments and ongoing costs. For instance, a PBX solution involves a high upfront expense due to licensing, installation, and hardware costs. Conversely, IP PBX systems offer reduced upfront expenses, but you must consider hardware costs. Be prepared for ongoing expenses covering software updates, device maintenance, and replacing old hardware.

SIP phones may cost more compared to traditional ones, but traditional PBX systems often require replacement within 5 to 7 years. A cloud-based or virtual PBX solution has zero upfront and maintenance costs but entails a monthly service fee. Furthermore, both VoIP and IP PBX solutions demand ample bandwidth for calls, so consider internet connection expenses for both.

What Features Do You Require Most?

To select the ideal business phone system, you must search for the features you require the most. Even though virtual phone technology is very new, several services provide features very similar to what you find in IP PBX and PBX systems, such as routing, transfers, and call waiting.

These features always work best on hard phones because they have been present for a long time and have less advanced technology. Virtual phone systems are highly innovative. They offer users real-time, accessible monitoring as well as call recording.

Also, there is no requirement to have a dedicated section for data analysis. Any business with no data analysis expertise can resort to the monitoring software built into the virtual business phone solutions.

Considering its relevance for your business in retaining customers, it is essential to think of ways to monitor engagement, product adoption, and customer satisfaction. The call monitoring feature is essential for any business that wants to enhance customer interactions and relations. It can be one of the determining factors for small businesses that generally concentrate on offering good customer service.


Investing in an affordable and reliable business phone system is an essential step for any business to improve its communication infrastructure. When you evaluate the initial investments and recurring expenses linked with various phone systems while assessing the long-term advantages, you can make informed decisions.

Whether you choose a modern IP PBX solution or a conventional PBX system, it’s essential to strike a balance between affordability and reliability. Technology is continuously evolving, and it’s necessary to embrace innovations to ensure that your business remains connected and competitive in the changing telecommunications landscape.

By following the guidelines discussed above, you can choose the correct business phone system that will enhance your brand reputation and facilitate your business’s growth.

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