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International SEO Services

In today’s hyper-connected world, having a website is essential for any business eyeing global expansion. But even if your website is drop-dead gorgeous, it will only make money if it’s pulling in visitors. 

To make it to the global stage, you have to start using international SEO services. They help people from around the world find your website. 

In this guide, we’ll break down what international SEO is, how it helps global businesses, and how to create a killer strategy to set you up for success. 

What Is International SEO?

International SEO is about boosting your site visibility so that it’s easily found in search engines across various countries and languages.

Whether you’re a fashion guru aiming for a worldwide fan base or an e-commerce wizard setting your sights on specific countries, international SEO lets you put your website on the map, ensuring it reaches your audience, wherever they may be.

How does it work? Search engines match search results to users’ location and language. A website optimized for global SEO uses tools like country or language targeting, hreflang tags, specific URL structures, and other signals to let a search engine know that its content is consumable by anyone. 

International SEO VS. Local SEO: What’s The Difference?

While both local SEO and global SEO boost your website’s credibility in the search engines, they also have distinct differences:

International SEOLocal SEO
Targets keywords and audiences in multiple countriesUses keywords and targets audiences in a specific area
Adapts to different cultures and norms in various countriesSpecifies the city or region name to target the right audience
Customized to the legal and regulatory protocols of different countriesAppears in directories like Google My Business to show up in local search results

Search engines steer users to the most spot-on versions of your website based on where they are. Tailoring your site to fit the appropriate market through global SEO services makes the user experience a win for customers worldwide.

5 Tips For Creating An International Search Engine Optimization Strategy

International Search Engine Optimization Strategy

List Down Your Goals

Setting goals beforehand allows you to measure the success of your international SEO strategy. Some of the goals you can set include:

  • Boosting traffic. Amp up your website traffic by showing search engines the worldwide appeal of your site.
  • Generating leads. With global SEO on your side, you’re not just attracting any leads – you’re pulling in the qualified ones. 
  • Increasing sales. International SEO lets you educate your audience while growing sales organically over time.

Analyze Your Current SEO Status

You’ll never know your problem areas unless you deep dive into your own domain.

Use tools like Google Analytics to peek at your current organic traffic from different countries and languages. Check out the volume, trends, and conversions for each country to know the status of your current SEO efforts.

Another tool you may use is Google Webmaster Tools, which can reveal your site’s organic search visibility. Identify the popular queries and pages that are making waves in search results for the countries you’ve got your eye on.

International SEO agency SEOLeverage can also help you audit your own website so you can easily spot problem areas and solve them quickly. You may also reach out to them for international SEO consulting.

Conduct Market And Competitor Research

To tailor your SEO strategies to your target market’s search habits, you’re going to need some serious intel. 

First things first — get to know your audience like the back of your hand. Conduct deep market research to uncover the preferences and behaviors of your target audience in different countries or regions.

You should also spy on your competitors. See how they are playing the SEO game in your chosen market. This isn’t about copying; it’s about finding your unique angle.

Identify The Keywords You Need To Target

Keywords are the magic words in SEO, and the same goes for international SEO companies. Each market gets its own keyword research session. Unearth the terms and phrases your customers in each market toss into the search bar when hunting for products or services like yours.

When doing keyword research for an international SEO company, consider language variations, cultural nuances, and the unique search behaviors of your global markets. 

For instance, Mother’s Day is on a different calendar date everywhere, so you should sync your keywords with local search patterns. What folks in the US are hunting for in May is a different ball game for the UK in March.

Once again, your competitors can help. Analyzing their keywords with the help of international SEO agencies can unveil golden business opportunities and spill the beans on what’s driving their traffic and conversions. 

To help drive traffic to your regional pages, link to stuff relevant to your local audience.

One link-building strategy you can employ is influencer marketing. Team up with local influencers and let them link back to your site. You may also grab guest blogging opportunities on relevant local websites to cement your expertise.

But most importantly, focus on creating content that hits home. Tailor it to the local crowd by using relevant stats, visuals, and content formats that locals love. 


Expanding to international markets can unlock potential sales, but gaining visibility in those new territories requires proven international SEO strategies.

By diving into the specifics of your target markets and applying savvy international SEO tactics with the help of reputable SEO agencies like SEOLeverage, you’re setting the stage for international SEO success.

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