How Can You Make Your Business More Sustainable

Green Business BY Arnab Mar 03, 2023
Business More Sustainable

We’re in the age of sustainability, where we’re all starting to take more responsibility for reducing our carbon footprint and playing our part in saving the planet from irreparable damage.

The same can be said with businesses, with 53% of UK SMEs investing an average of £61,259 in sustainability initiatives in 2022 and with plans to spend a further £78,392 this year.

Most businesses have taken steps to become more energy efficient and are already reaping the benefits. Beyond the legal and moral responsibilities, you can enjoy an enhanced brand image, increased productivity, and reduced costs. With no excuse not to, here is how can you make your business more sustainable.

Here Are Four Prime Steps To Make Your Business More Sustainable

Make Your Business More Sustainable

1. Set Sustainability Goals

The first step to going green is to set some sustainability goals for your organization. These are targets you can set within your business that improve operations, reduce your carbon output, and get the goodwill of ethical consumers. The Energy Saving Trust stress that you need clearly defined goals when creating a sustainability strategy for your company.

Make sure to do your research beforehand and analyze your carbon footprint so you can set targets to efficiently reduce it and offset your carbon emissions.

2. Invest In Renewable Energy

When you become aware of the amount of energy you use, not only can make cutbacks but you can make the change to renewable energy sources.

The biggest uses of energy in office-based environments are lighting, heating, and electrical appliances. Research found that 40% of the UK’s electricity in 2022 was from solar, wind, biomass, and hydropower and it’s a great way to reduce your business’s carbon footprint. It’s now cheaper to run clean energy than it is gas and switching contributes towards the fight for a healthier planet.

You could go one step further and install solar panels, wind turbines, or geothermal systems. You can connect electrical appliances to it using power cables like those from RS and have free renewable energy for years to come.

3. Reducing Usage

Not only can you cut down on your energy usage, but you can reduce the number of resources your company consumes. This could be anything from paper to building materials. You can keep an eye on this by using digital methods to handle paperwork or properly forecast future material needs to prevent overordering or waste.

4. Recycling

Recycling makes financial as well as environmental sense for your business as it’s a simple way to save money and improve your bottom line. The cost of using recycled materials is considerably less than when they’re brand new. There are also opportunities to sell your recyclable waste for alternative uses thus earning your money back.

In addition, investing in high-quality custom retail boxes, crafted with an emphasis on durability and aesthetics, can be a strategic move to enhance your brand image and product presentation. Such boxes, built to last, contribute to a positive customer experience while minimizing the need for excessive packaging waste.

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