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It goes without saying that china is one of the leading exporters to several countries all over the world. Therefore, you may have an interest of importing one or more products from china irrespective of your location. One good thing about china is that they export high-quality products at very affordable prices. You will be sure of making the best deals if you do your imports from china. However, newbies have a challenge when it comes importing products from a new destination. The advantage of china is that it has minimal bureaucracies and hence you can comfortably order for your goods from there. Here are some tips for importing process from China.

Start Early enough

The first thing you need to do is to start early enough. Plan for your business in good time so that you don’t rush through the process of importing products from china. You need amble time to do your research, place the order, and even allow for the shipment process. Most newbies make mistakes because they begin the process late. Plan well and start the process when the deadline is still very far.

Do Your Research

Research is very critical when you are buying goods from China for the first time. You need to understand how the process takes place. The advantage is that the internet has all this information. You may want to understand the cost of the product, the applicable exchange rate, the pricing of the desired goods, the number of days it will take to ship the product, and the levies chargeable. Some products have export and import limitations and you may also want to go through this information.

There are various places you can carry out this research. First, you can go to the website on the relevant ministry and search for import information. You can also find a lot of information on search engines regarding the process of importing from China. You can also sample out a few companies that deal in these products and ask for information about imports. Tanking to an individual who has been importing goods from China can also be a valuable source of information. You can also read 8 Tips guide of importing process from china for newbies to get more insights.  An in-depth research will help you to avoid some of the mistakes newbies make while importing from china. Take your time and read broadly before you even begin the process. This further explains why you need to start early enough so that you don’t rush through the research process.

Find the best Suppliers

Finally, you need to identify the best suppliers in the region. This is one of the most challenging steps when looking for imports from China. A simple Google search will display a long list of suppliers who deal in the goods you wish to import. How do you make a short list from this extensive list of suppliers? It can take you a lot of time in trying to narrow down to one brand.

Most people like using a sourcing company to identify the best suppliers. These sourcing agencies have been very instrumental in helping to ho through the import process. They will help you to identify the best suppliers for your products in the region. You can find your search done once you land to the right sourcing company. However, friends who are dealing in the same products can also recommend the best suppliers to you.


From this discussion, it is evident that you need to start early, do a lot of research, and locate the best suppliers if you are a newbie and whish to import products from China. The most important thing is to get the best deal out of what the market has to offer.

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