5 Best AI/RPA-Enabled Mobile Apps To Manage Your Finance Automatically

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Best AI/RPA-Enabled Mobile Apps

Finance management is the word you hear in billion-dollar organizations. However, it affects each individual. 

Regardless of the earning, a wise man always tries to keep a track of his spending to manage finance in such a way that he can survive many more pandemics. 

But it is a tedious and time-consuming task to manage finance on papers as it does not give you insights and easy access to past data. 

Yes, you can use many available finance management apps to keep track of your spending. However, these finance apps lack several features, and thus, they fail to provide you convenience. 

To manage your finance almost automatically without manually adding each and every data, you should consider smart finance apps working on RPA and AI technologies. 

In this blog, I will share 5 finance management apps that work on groundbreaking technologies – AI & RPA – to provide you ultimate convenience with automation. 

Before sharing the list, I would like to make you aware of the RPA and AI technologies and the difference between them. 

RPA & AI and the Difference Between RPA and AI 

We’ve been hearing AI everywhere nowadays. It is linked to every mobile app, website, game, software, and even hardware. 

However, in reality, AI cannot work at full potential without RPA (Robotic Process Automation). Similarly, RPA even cannot work at full potential without AI. 

So, what’s the connection between these two?

Well, AI gives intelligence to the robot to perform a task like a human and RPA is itself a robot that performs tasks (with the help of AI intelligence) automatically.  

Still, confused? Let’s understand with an example. 

If you want to develop a robot to perform invoicing tasks automatically, the RPA is used to build the robot. But when there is the requirement for intelligence to make the decision and lead tasks to the conclusion, you need to develop an RPA robot using AI algorithms. 

Does it mean that we can’t use RPA and AI separately? 

No, we can surely use RPA and AI separately, but not at their full potential. 

For instance, we can develop an RPA bot without using AI technology to automate a process with fixed input and output. If the process has variable input and output, we need to utilize AI technology to provide intelligence to the robot to process dynamic data. 

Same way, we can use AI individually for big data analysis and pattern finding purposes. But to carry out a task based on big data, we need to have an RPA robot! 

5 Best RPA/AI-Enabled FinTech Apps

The following are the 5 best FinTech apps that leverage RPA and AI technologies to automate many of user tasks. 

  • Cleo 

Cleo is the London-based FinTech startup that provides a really interesting and interactive mobile app to make financial management easier and fun. 

Here’s how the app works: Once installed, the app asks users’ to link his bank account. Now, whenever the user spends, the app automatically stores the spending data which includes the amount, location, date & time, and type of spending. 

The users can ask about their spending history and spending pattern anytime by typing the message or by simply giving the voice command. For instance, the user can ask: how much did I spend at Starbucks last week? 

The AI module of the app analyzes the user command and shows his precise result.  

Imagine the convenience Cleo app provides! Users don’t have to add spending data manually and not even invest time to understand the spending chart! 


  • Olivia 

Olivia is yet another AI/RPA enabled personal financing app which was launched in 2015. They call it a financial assistant and it is absolutely free. The app utilizes AI to help you spend smarter and save more. 

It does not only understand your spending patterns but it can also predict your spending based on your spending habits. And according to the predictions, it recommends ways to save more money. 

Olivia app stores your financial information at once place, automatically and securely. Because of it, you can easily track where your money is going and how much is left. 

By asking questions to the Olivia app, you can get detailed information about your spending and the remaining amount of money. 

The best part of the Olivia app is that it gives you access to thousands of coupon codes by making predictions about your next spending activity. 

For instance, if you eat at a restaurant every weekend, the app suggests the restaurant and a coupon to save your money. 

The following is another example showcasing how the smart app enables you to make the right spending choice. 


  • Tiller Money 

Tiller Money is the revolutionary FinTech solution which makes large scale financing very easy. It isn’t a mobile app, but one can easily use it on mobile phones. It is designed and developed for people who love to manage finance in spreadsheets. 

Here is how it works: You need to sign up in Tiller Money using your Google Account. Upon signing up, it asks your banking and credit/debit card details. Now, every transaction, daily spending, loan amount, and balance from multiple banks and credit/debit cards are automatically stored on the Google Spreadsheets by Tiller Money every day. 

Using RPA and AI, it automates major two time-consuming processes – importing transaction details from multiple sources and categorizing the transactions.  

Here, it is worth mentioning that Tiller Money isn’t a free tool. After a free trial of 30 days, you need to pay just $6.58 per month. 


  • Simple 

Simple is yet another very unique FinTech app leveraging AI and RPA to offer peace of mind to users. It is basically an online branchless bank that provides a linked debit card and mobile app. The mobile app is where all magic happens. 

Here is how it works: You can deposit an amount in a Simple account either by direct-depositing your paycheck or transferring from another bank. Once you have the amount in your Simple account, you can spend it anywhere and once you spend, the app automatically saves the spending data. 

The app asks you to add saving goals and provides you with suggestions to reach goals as soon as possible. 

The most unique feature of the app is the ‘Safe-to-Spend’ feature. It basically helps you make smart spending decisions on the spot. By finding out the effect of spending on saving goals, it lets you know whether it is safe to spend or not. 


  • Eva Money 

Eva Money is the FinTech app developed by Fintel labs. The app works as a personalized financial assistant. 

The app available free on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store is equipped with many features. These features are, 

  • You can link all your financial accounts to the Eva Money app to get insights into your current financial status and historic spending. 
  • Using voice or text, you can ask several questions related to your spending, budget, saving, and balance. The best part is that you can even ask general finance-related questions such as how to increase your credit score. 
  • To make interaction with the robots fun and interesting, Eva Money adds emoji and humor to the answers of your asked questions. 
  • You can even ask recommendations to the app. It gives you suggestions to maximize the cashback, how to save money, how to improve credit score, and so on. 



FinTech apps have great use – it saves your money and stops you from spending unnecessarily. But it involves human efforts. To automate finance management, we need to adopt AI/RPA-powered FinTech apps. These apps reduce boring financial data entry efforts and provide us with the right information with even a voice command. The 5 apps discussed in this blog are the best FinTech app working on RPA and AI technologies. If you are a user, you can download it and if you are an entrepreneur, you can find inspiration or ideas! 

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