3 Benefits Of Producing A Music Video

Music Video

When you’re a musician who’s just starting out, one of the biggest hurdles that you’ll face is getting your brand out there and recognized by others. Sure, playing live and making posts on social media can help you to grow your fan base and encourage others to share your music, but in order to truly have staying power, you’re going to need to do more in order to capture a larger audience’s attention.

One of the best ways to get others to check out your music and grow your brand as an artist is by producing a music video. A music video allows you a visual medium of creative expression that you can pair your music to. With a music video, you can encapsulate the message and vibe that you hope to showcase in your art.

Plus, music videos are fun to watch and easily shareable, meaning that those who see your music video are more likely to watch it and share it with others. In addition to that, music video distributors can help you to get your music video on different platforms in order to be seen by even more people.

3 Music Video Production Benefits

If you’re still not convinced that producing a music video can help you to grow your brand as a musician, read on for a list of all the ways that producing a music video can benefit your creative career.

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1. You Can Get Your Music Heard On Different Platforms

The primary place where people go to consume music is streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal. However, your reach on these platforms can be limited when you’re a new artist who’s just starting out, as you’re less likely to be marketed on the homepage or curated playlists unless you’re a bigger artist.

A music video can help you to get your music heard through different platforms apart from music streaming services, like video streaming sites including YouTube. Music videos are some of the most popular forms of content on video streaming platforms. As such, if you post a music video for your song on a site like YouTube, there’s a good chance that your video will get seen by those looking to watch music video content.

In order to get your music video up on a video streaming platform, you’ll want to utilize the help of a music video distributor. A music video distributor is a company that will upload your music video to video streaming sites in order for others to watch them. While you could upload a music video to YouTube on your own, music video distributors can get them officially recognized on sites like Vevo (YouTube’s official music video wing), as well as sites like Apple TV and Amazon Music.

Most music video distributors will require you to pay an annual fee to upload your videos, ranging from approximately $50 to $100; however, the benefits that music video distributors can provide highly outweigh this minimal cost.

By having a music video distributor upload your music video to various video streaming platforms, you ensure that your music is heard by a wider audience and that your brand is more easily recognizable.

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2.  Music Videos Allow You a New Outlet for Creative Expression

Music videos also give you the ability to express yourself creatively in a new way. While the songs you write are a form of creative expression, you can utilize a music video to further convey the messages of the lyrics that you’ve written. A music video acts as a visual extension of an audio track, providing more clarity on the meaning of the song.

As such, it allows your audience to interact with your music on a new level, and connect more deeply with your brand as a musician.

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3.  You Can Generate Ad Revenue

While music videos are definitely an investment, they can help you to generate revenue via advertisements. For instance, many artists will partner with brands to feature certain products in their music videos. As such, the music video acts as a form of advertisement for the brand, which the artist is then paid for. This kind of partnership can be incredibly beneficial for both the musician and the brand, especially if the music video goes viral.

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In Conclusion

In order to grow your brand as an artist, it’s a great idea to produce a music video. A music video allows your music to be heard on different platforms apart from streaming services, which can help you to better grow your audience.

On top of that, music videos allow you a new outlet for creative expression to further explore the themes of your music.

Finally, music videos can be an important source of ad revenue, as brands are eager to partner with musicians in order to get their products seen. As a musician, what do you think the biggest benefit of producing a music video is?


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