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Applying a Green Screen Effect with Movavi Video Editor

Technology BY Mashum Jan 01, 2018
Screen Effect with Movavi Video Editor

Most people tend to be aware of what the green screen effect is due to how popular it is in many modern-day blockbuster movies. That being said few would attempt to use it because it is generally thought of as one of the more advanced video editing effects, and one that is complicated to pull off and requires professional know-how. You can go through the Movavi Video Editor, to make the way smooth.

What is the Green Screen Effect?

In blockbuster movies generally, people use green screen video. It is a method through which the video editors change the background that is required. When the editors change the background, it looks natural and seems like the scene is actually taking place in that scenery. 

Even in newscasting, games, and even in motion video, the editors use this green screen to place the picture in the background properly. The main thing is, this green screen needs special types of equipment that are costly. And the process of editing is also time-consuming. However, at first, a green video, and later gets changed. 

How To Use Green Screen with Video Editor?

When you are setting up for taking a picture or video, you have to know how you will use the green screen. There are some tricks that you can follow. Croma green screen has difficulties, but you will get accustomed to it. 

1. Adjust Lighting

When you use a video editor, you have to work on the editing, but before that, you have to adjust the camera. You need to use soft lights. There is a reason behind this. Generally, dim light doesn’t have a shadow. That is why, most of the time, the brightness needs to be medium. 

You can also try the diffusive lights that will match the background. However, you can choose two to four lights with less power rather than using a great source of light. So, it is one of the prime parts of a green screen. 

2. Backdrop Details

After adjusting the lights, you have to focus on the backdrop. When the actors act in front of the camera, it needs to be very much associated. It will look like this. Actually, the shot was taken at the top of a peak or something like that. 

Sometimes, wrinkles change color. However, you have to fix it properly. However, in the Movavi video editor, you have to focus on its backdrop details. 

3. Camera Setup

You also focus on the camera setup which you are taking a short. First, look at the exposure, then the focal length, and after that, on the camera capturing quality. When you are an editor, you will want that the shot will look very much prominent and accurate.

That is why, in the animation movies, they use 4K footage. Here, the original picture comes. Sometimes, the editor forgets to cut the outside noises. But you should not forget to cut the noise. Then, only the unmistakable voice of the actors will come. 

4. Modification 

There are the main three parts where you have to give stress. Then, after that, you have to modify them. Change the background, and reduce the unnecessary lights. Sometimes, lights come from outside, and you will never allow that in editing.

Make a glaring video edit in Movavi that will attract the audience. Make it natural, and don’t exaggerate. 

How To Use Movavi Video Editor?

In actual fact, however, you can apply a green screen effect to your videos as well – without nearly as much difficulty as you might think. All that you need to do is record a video of your subject with a solid-colored background (green is normally used) as well a second video consisting of the background that you want to replace it with, then use Movavi Video Editor to do the rest.

Behind the camera, there has something relevant that people do not get while they are watching something. Now if you want to know how to remove the green screen in photography, read the next segments also. 

Step 1

Assuming you’ve already recorded the footage that you need and downloaded Movavi Video Editor, go ahead and launch it then select ‘Create project in full feature mode’. Next, you should add both videos to the editor, by clicking on the ‘Add Media Files’ button and selecting them.

Step 2

Once the videos have been added to Movavi Video Editor they’ll appear in the ‘Timeline’ area at the bottom section of the interface. At first, they’ll be in sequence, but you should click and drag the foreground video (i.e. the one with the subject and the solid-colored background) upwards to the ‘Overlay Track’. Next, you should expand the list above the ‘Preview’ window. Select ‘Cover’ so that the foreground video will completely cover the background video.

Step 3

To start applying the green screen effect, you should then open the ‘Tools’ menu and select ‘Chroma Key’ and click on the background in the ‘Preview’ window. By doing that Movavi Video Editor will set the little box’s color in the ‘Chroma Key’ menu to match it, and you can adjust the parameters below that box (i.e. the ‘Opacity’, ‘Edges’, ‘Noise’ and ‘Tolerance’) until the background video becomes clear.

Step 4

Ideally, you should try to make sure that the entire background is clearly visible, and no traces of the ‘green screen’ remain. Pay close attention to areas where small green bits might show through, such as between wisps of hair.

That is all that needs to be done to use Movavi Video Editor as a green screen editor, and when you’re content you can tap ‘Apply’ to finalize the effect then ‘Export’ for saving the video in any format. Before that you may wish to look into some of the other ways you can improve your video, by applying various other effects, enhancing the video quality, cutting and joining segments, adding animated transitions, including audio tracks, inserting captions, and more.

The Concluding Statement

As you can see Movavi Video Editor will make applying a green screen effect to your videos so easy and straightforward that you can use it in any of your video productions. All you need to do is be a bit creative, and you could come up with some really impressive home movies or video content of your own that will look as though it has been produced in a professional studio.

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