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In an era where the internet is dominating all over the world, it is essential to come up with unique website ideas. Concepts that are interesting and can attract users are the world’s number one trend. Be it social media sites or information-providing platforms, every creator doesn’t wish to be left behind in this rat race. Unfortunately, there are a few of them which catch the attention of a user.

If you are a frequent internet user, you may have seen Quora’s suggestions prominently on the first page of Google, the reason is its immense reach and user reliability on this platform. However, this dominance won’t be for too long as new Q/A platforms with more exciting features have come into the market.

The majority of Individuals still might be inclined towards the traditional platforms but some users have recognized the entrance of revolutionary apps in the industry, which can create a bigger impact in the near future.

One such platform that has revolutionized the writing industry is Answerly. It not publishes quality content but also ensures writers are paid well. Built on Stellar blockchain technology, this new website appears to be in a good position.

Crypto And Writing – Sounds Fun?

This concept might sound weirdly interesting to you and you might be wishing to get your hands on it. Luckily, Answerly app is a real-life example of a blend of crypto and writing. They are big on quality and are built on an exceptional algorithm which makes this website one of a kind.

Answerly is built on Stellar blockchain which lets the user earn rewards in the form of tokens. These tokens are exchangeable for crypto or fiat. There are plenty of token rewarding platforms but Answerly is one of a kind, why? Being built on Stellar technology, it allows the users to smoothly receive their earnings in the Stellar wallet.

As Answerly uses the services of Stellar based project called Lobstr, the process is smooth and simplified. By using its services, Answerly wasn’t only able to eliminate the need of putting lumens for Stellar wallet activation but also diminish manual issuing a trustline for ANSR.

The brains behind Answerly chose it to build the app on Stellar because the transactions are fast with less fee. Furthermore, the users withdraw ANSR tokens but receive XLM or USD on their Stellar wallets. Some of you may find the terms unusual, but the creators have kept non-crypto users in mind as well. The rewarding and withdrawal system is easy for people with zero knowledge about crypto.

What Good Does it Bring to the Writers?

Not all Q/A platforms recognize the hard work and effort that you put into crafting your words. But, Answerly does! If you have the potential to pen down your thoughts in an interesting manner, Answerly won’t let you down. But, you can’t fill your pockets with appreciation and recognition only.

You need to have a decent amount of income as well. Answerly pays its writers in tokens which can be exchanged for crypto. Initially, Answerly rewards start from 1 USD, but that’s only the beginning!

Different levels decide how much the Answerer is going to earn. The users can be ranked higher if they meet the answer quality criteria of the app. These factors include authenticity, structure, length, and 18 different factors. In this way, the system doesn’t let any unworthy answers be ranked higher.

Unlike other Q/A platforms Answerly doesn’t judge the users based on a lesser number of followers, they can still earn a noteworthy amount of rewards if they write exceptionally well.

What Do Questioners Get From it?

If all the benefits are for the writers, then how come this platform is worth it for questioners? Your question is justified, but don’t worry! Answerly has got everyone on board. Every day, there are millions of people searching cluelessly for the answers to their queries. But, either they get lost in self-promoting posts or are left unanswered.

Answerly strictly prohibits self-promotion. It is built solely for the users to quench their thirst for enhancing their knowledge. Questioners who post queries also receive a set amount of Answerly rewards. Once the users have reached the required amount, they can withdraw the earnings into the Stellar wallet. A win-win situation for everyone!

Final Thoughts

Answerly with its unique features has captured the attention of many users. From an integrated plagiarism checker to a huge Unsplash library, you can find everything here. Posting queries and answering them is made fun due to the rich textbox. By using these features, it will be easier for the users to rank their posts better. It might take a few months to win the rat race against its competitors, but it has what it takes to become one of the best Q/A platforms ever invented.

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