American EB-5 Visa: Processing Time, Requirements And Fees

EB-5 Visa

Wealthy entrepreneurs are looking for a way to obtain a residence permit abroad to use it for business expansion. The solution allows finding new partners and increasing the company’s profitability. Applicants for official status get what they want for investing in the chosen country.

The relevance of the programs has grown. This is facilitated by the introduction of restrictions and the desire to increase the sales market. The offer of America stands out favorably among the rest. Wealthy immigrants fulfill EB-5 Visa requirements to get permission from the government. This offer is one of the best ways to get a green card and enter a new market.

Since the legislation of the States looks confusing, it is worthwhile to use the services of lawyers and investor program specialists. This way it will take you less time to complete the application, gather evidence, and get your foreign investor visa.

What Is An American EB-5 Visa?

The development of the country is based on the amount of capital of permanent residents. The United States is offering businessmen simplified residence permits for investment in order to increase the state fund and ensure the creation of new jobs.

Taking the time to make the offer is worthwhile for several reasons:

  • a high standard of living;
  • the availability of prospects for the development of business activities;
  • relatively low cost of living;
  • the opportunity to get education in the best universities;
  • inclusion of other family members in the application.

This offer has been in place since 1990 and receives a lot of attention from foreigners. The government also benefits from the attracted capital: the funds are used to improve living conditions. A positive decision on the application means that the holder of a residence permit can start working in the country and move there with his family.

Investment Costs

The cost of visa processing depends on several factors. The government takes into account the investment option. Foreigners can choose from the following options from the list:

  • setting up a new enterprise;
  • making an investment in an existing business;
  • directing the investment to a Targeted Employment Zone.

EB-5 investment amount can be from 500 thousand to 1.8 million dollars. It is obligatory to create jobs for Americans with permanent employment. In addition, the investor pays non-refundable fees and application processing fees.


Information about the requirements for the applicant was provided by Vladlena Baranova, an expert of the Immigrant Invest agency. Under the terms of the states today, those investors can apply who:

  • are outside the country or reside in it;
  • are ready to create 10 or more jobs;
  • have obtained capital through legal means;
  • the investment is in a “risk zone” rather than coming in the form of a deposit.

To the principal applicant, family members are also eligible for a green card. Minor children and spouses are not required to invest in the business and fulfill other requirements.


The processing time of the application ranges from 4 to 71 months. The required time depends on additional conditions. The list includes certain features of the application and the applicant’s current location:

  • the investor’s location (in the States or outside);
  • the workload of the service center;
  • the workload of the consulate in your country of residence.

EB-5 visa processing time can be up to 6 months. If the applicant resides in one of the states, the processing time increases to 71 months.

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What Is An American EB-5 Visa

How To Apply As An Investor

The applicant must fulfill several mandatory steps to the applicable EB-5 visa requirements. The investor gathers documents to confirm eligibility. When the paperwork is prepared, a Form I-526 must be filed.

The evidence that is submitted in the form is verified within 4 months. The investor proves that his capital is obtained legally, investments are made, and the area is included in the Targeted Employment Zone.

Next, the investor can apply for a green card. The applicant undergoes a mandatory interview. This requires personal presence at the consulate. If the investor resides in the States, the procedure changes slightly.

Is I-485 petition Needed

Preparing an I-485 petition is necessary when it is necessary to zero out previous conditions of residence. For example, if a foreigner resides in the United States under conditions that are not related to investment, it is necessary to undergo an additional procedure. He or she will be able to obtain a green card as an investor.


Moving to the States is quite a complicated procedure. Foreigners need to use the services of experts to understand the peculiarities of the adopted system, but there is another way to simplify obtaining an investor visa.

This right was granted to those foreigners who reside in the countries of the European Union. For example, Portuguese undergo a simplified check, because Portugal carefully selects the questionnaires of applicants. Pre-verification is an advantage that affects the speed of processing the form and petitions.

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