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Want A Big Breakthrough In Your Acting Career? Follow These Tips

Job & Career BY Arnab

It is no surprise that getting a major breakthrough in acting is very tough. Statistics say that only about 2% of all actors can become successful enough in the industry to make a good living.

But if you want to be among them, then there are some tips and tricks that you have to follow. So come on, let’s see what they are!

Have A Game Plan

acting industry

The first thing you have to be clear about is your game plan. It’ll be tough to get a break if you don’t have a course of action in your mental map.

Most of the competition in the acting industry is pretty confused and clueless about whom to approach or what to do.

If you want to show a director or a producer that you’re different from the others, you’ll have to act that part.

While the plan might not look like much, it’s about how vigorously you’re willing to follow it. Your goal is to keep doing your work, no matter how tiring it feels, and to brand yourself.

Contact A Talent Agency

Another great idea is to get in touch with a Talent Agency and present your portfolio to them.

If you’re a struggling actor looking for some representation, this is a great way to have your back.

Go for talent agencies with coaches who specialize in training different kinds of actors, from television to films.

They must also be in touch with reputed casting directors and look for the best clients there.

If you’re groomed properly by a reputed agency, you can bag an amazing role in a few weeks or months.

Don’t Show Your Nervousness


Whenever you’re performing for a big agency or a director, it’s very important to be calm and composed.

It’s natural to feel jittery and even downright scared while performing a skit or a piece in front of them, but if you’re not bold, they’ll simply move on to the next person.

Remember, confidence can take a person to great heights, and it is this confidence that makes you pursue your career in acting.

Stand in front of the panel and have a good time. Show them that while you’re a professional who is serious about your job, you won’t get intimidated by anyone.

Keep Improving Yourself

No matter which field you work in, staying updated about the latest news and trends is important.

And it’s even more important to stay ahead of the game by constantly improving yourself when it comes to showbiz.

Check out which kinds of movies and TV shows are gaining popularity and whether you’ll be able to play many different roles.

Your ability to act well isn’t the only thing that will determine your big break, you also have to show people how willing you are to learn. Enrolling in an acting school can help if you need an extra push.

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Network And Keep Networking

Keep Networking

Networking is a major part of many industries, and the acting industry is no different.

It enables you to meet new people and form strong connections with them so that when they require someone fitting for a suitable profile, your name pops into their mind first.

It’s also one of the easiest ways to make friends and ensure you don’t get hazed by rivals.

Your talent manager or acting teacher might initially introduce you to some people but don’t rely on that. Instead, go out of your way to network with professionals.

Remember That It’s Not A Race

Contrary to what many people say, acting isn’t a race. There isn’t any one-size-fits-all timing that caters to everyone in the field.

While some people can have a big break early in their careers, others take a little more time. But most of it has nothing to do with your talent or efforts.

So remember to be patient and dedicated to your motto. If you keep rushing through things, you won’t be able to focus on the finer aspects of your training.

Think in terms of milestones instead of calendar days. Then, pat yourself on the back whenever you feel that you’ve progressed.


The above tips and tricks will help you gain a breakthrough in the talent industry. But remember to take care of your physical and mental health throughout your journey. Put in your best, and you’ll soon see terrific results!

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