7 Mistakes E-Commerce Businesses Should Never Make

E-commerce BY Irfan Jan 01, 2018
E-Commerce Businesses

Many people think that eCommerce is easy, but this is exactly not the case. When it comes to building an eCommerce store, there are many skills sets required in order to be successful.

Perhaps you are an expert marketer, but if you don’t understand the ABC of how an online business operates, you are going to remain stuck in place. No one is going to know what you offer, what you do, and eventually, customers won’t convert. Just because you don’t know what is working and what isn’t for your business.

To build a successful ecommerce business, you have to do a lot of homework and come up with an effective ecommerce business strategy. Pay close attention to what has worked for other ecommerce businesses and what hasn’t and try to avoid the same mistakes that others made.

No matter if you have just launched your online store or have been in eCommerce industry for many years, here are 7 mistakes you should avoid in order to build a successful eCommerce store.

1. Not Investing in Branding

Whether you are selling products on your own eCommerce website or through Amazon, you have to keep in mind that customers are more tech savvy. You have to visually stimulate your customers and let them know what your website is all about. Today, branding is everything. If truth be told, it is key to success in this digital age. It really matters how you market and promote your products. You can use the power of social media networks to create brand awareness and increase your reach.

2. Failing to Deliver the Right Message

Being a digital marketer, it is your primary responsibility to reach targeted demographics and make every possible effort to convert them. Whether your making your own products or buying wholesale, your eCommerce company should deliver the right message to your target audience in the right place, at the right times. Hiring a web design & SEO company can help your eCommerce business to deliver the right brand message by using effective marketing strategies, tools and networks.

3. Unable to Determine What is Working for their Company

e businesses don’t bother to figure out what strategies are working for their company and what are not. Figure out which marketing tactics can drive sales and which ones are useless for your company. Carefully look at your customer data and get some clear insights on who your target audience is and what they actually want from your eCommerce website.

4. No Social Proof

Being an eCommerce business owner, you should understand the power of social proof. But sadly, many online businesses don’t bother to implement social proof on their websites. Adding reviews to your online store is a great thing that can increase your conversion rate. If a visitor comes to your website and he/she doesn’t find any reviews on your product or store page, then chances are he/she won’t consider your website as an authentic place to purchase. When there are no social proof, it can cause visitors to question if they should purchase from your website or not.

5. Inactive Social Media Accounts

Today, people use social media as a trust indicator especially when it comes to making a purchase from an online store for the first time. Perhaps, you have an account on every social media network, but if you have no following and engagement, then what’s the point of your existence on social media. It is advised to start with a few networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and create a loyal following. When you start to build it, focus on increasing your following on other social media channels to increase your brand visibility and awareness.

6. No Brand Story

There are many business owners who don’t realize the real power of about pages. If truth be told, about page is the most visited page of nearly every business website. This page matters most to your visitors. Many ecommerce websites don’t exactly tell who they are, what they offer, what is the story of their products, how they made, etc. It is important to create your brand story and explain it in a few paragraphs so that your visitors know about your brand before they make a purchase decision.

7. No Physical Address on Contact Page

It is another mistake many online business owners make. If you are an online store that doesn’t mean people don’t check your physical address. Visitors still want to know your locations details and where your products ship from. Create a proper contact page that includes complete physical address, email address, phone numbers and contact form. After all, it is a matter of trust.

Over to You

Creating an eCommerce website is challenging, but avoiding these mistakes outlined above can help you achieve your goals and make sure you are on the right path. Keeping these small details in mind will help you generate more traffic and sales for your eCommerce store.

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