6 Mistake to Avoid When selling car privately

Automotive BY Mashum Jul 07, 2018
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Car owners eventually have to sell a car and nowadays selling car privately is considered to be more profitable and trending. As there are many car selling ways which let the sellers interact with buyers for free, selling a car privately is considered easy and a good way. The third-party mediation is not there that means sellers can have some more money from their used car to sell. From online classifieds to social media platforms, when selling the car privately through any of the ways, the sellers have to do all work by themselves. The return is more pay off which makes all this effort a success.

Whereas, when selling the car privately, the new or first-time car sellers sometimes make such mistakes which could land them in trouble, reduce their profits or make the car selling a difficult task. Here we have compiled a list of those mistakes which can be avoided easily to have a better resale value of a vehicle and attract more buyers.

Major Mistakes when Selling Car Privately :

Private car selling requires sellers to do all effort themselves and get more cash in the end. The effort is justified as many car sellers found selling a car privately more profitable and easy as compared to other car selling ways. However, there are some mistakes which can leave a bad impact on your car sale process and sometimes even cause some loss or risk on seller’s security. Here are the major mistakes to avoid and make a smooth and quick car selling the deal.

Price Your Car Right :

It is the most essential step of car selling which should never be underestimated. Pricing your car right is necessary whether you are selling the car privately or by any other way. The sellers can use online car value calculators, online classifieds of similar cars or take your vehicle for a survey to the market. All these ways let the sellers know the right price of their vehicle and help them to set a realistic asking price. When selling a car privately, sellers must understand that a realistic price makes your vehicle attractive and more reachable for the potential buyers.

Avoid Making Major Fixes :

When a person is selling their car it is not needed to go for major fixes of the vehicle. They are an extra expense and does not add value to the resale price of your vehicle. Whereas, sellers must do small fixes to enhance the appeal of their vehicle. If your car needs major mechanical fixes, get an estimate and you can ask a lower price for the vehicle. But, the sellers must tell the potential buyers of the fixes and tell why the price has been reduced to this low.

Be Honest With the Buyers :

Lying about other offers with potential buyers put them off and makes an impression as if you are not serious in negotiating. Though it is thought of as a marketing or selling technique, staying honest with the buyer is more fruitful. Also, if you have small fixes for your vehicle, tell them to the buyers honestly. This might not give you more cash for your car but can save you from other hassles of selling the car.

Taking the First Offer :

When a car seller is selling the car privately, and they have advertised the vehicle on some major car selling platforms, they should manage the approaching buyers wisely. Without putting everyone on hold for a longer period or just taking the first offer, they should get some more quotes from the people for their car. This would help sellers to get a maximum beneficial price for their vehicle and can be profitable. But do not let potential buyers wait too long for checking other offers, rather set a normal time limit in which you can decide which offer to choose and which one to reject.

Clean your Car for a Quick Sale :

This is an essential part of selling a car privately and must never be skipped. As no car buyer wants to give a high price for a tacky and smelly car. Thus give your car a wash inside out, make its interior smell good, get rid of dirt and grime on the exterior and if possible get the car paint a retouch. This is inexpensive and can be done by yourself. It will enhance the resale value of a vehicle and shows the buyers that how much well-kept your vehicle has been.

Also, maintain the car maintenance record and show it at the time of finalizing the deal, as it also gives a good impression on car buyers. A clean and well-maintained vehicle finds a serious buyer quickly and gets a good resale value.

Ensure Your Safety :

When you have gone through the stage of advertising and now comes the stage of physical inspection of your car and then finalizing the deal, be very careful. As there is no third party or any official mechanism is involved, the sellers must ensure their safety at any cost. Do not let everyone test drive or physically inspect your car. Choose only serious people to see your car and check their identity, license or passport. Also, always deal in cash or a bank draft when finalizing the car deal, do not hand over vehicle until you have received full payment of the vehicle and afterward go for title transfer.

Takeaways :

Selling car privately can be profitable but troublesome in some ways. If a person is not a professional or does not have knowledge of these important steps, they could suffer troubles and delay as well. Thus car sellers must also look for alternatives too which could make the car selling easy, profitable and safe.

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