5 Things To Do Before You Sign The Lease Agreement

Real Estate BY David Oct 10, 2017
leasing an apartment

Leasing an apartment or a home is one of the easiest ways to have a residence without taking on a loan or paying a monthly rent. And if you are looking to lease a living space, then you need to know a few things before you sign the lease agreement.

Fine Print

Remember to read the contract thoroughly before you sign it. Sometimes, what you may agree verbally with a landlord might not be in the lease agreement. Or in the worst case, what you had never agreed with the landlord may actually be put into the lease agreement. And if you get too lazy that you decide to skip reading it and instead sign it directly, then you will be pushing yourself into great problems.

Rules Of The Community

Be sure to inquire as to the rules of the community. Every community might have certain rules that may not sit well with people who are looking to lease an apartment. For example, they might have a rule which bans any loud noise after 10 PM, which you may not like. And if you only come to know of it after you’ve signed the lease and moved into the community, then it can become quite bothersome. As such, it is better to know of such community rules beforehand.

Termination Of Lease

You must also look into the conditions of termination. Some leases are very straightforward and might only require you to notify a few weeks before you end the contract. However, some leases may have strict penalties for early termination. In fact, the landlord might even have a rule that allows him to hold back the deposit you had paid him. So, know about the termination policies of the apartment or home, and make sure that these exact policies are in the fine print.


Some landlords will not like it if you do modifications to the apartment. In fact, they might even charge you heavy penalties for doing so. As such, remember to ask the landlord whether he has any objection to modifying the apartment. And if so, what elements are to be left alone and which can be modified? Knowing this will enable you to be careful while modifying certain sections of the apartment.

Car Parking

If you are looking for an apartment, make sure that they offer you a free car parking spot. Otherwise, it can get very difficult trying to park the car every day. Plus, if they have guest parking spots where your friends and family can park the car when they come to visit you, then better.

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