5 Stunning Give Aways for Your Corporate Needs


You can gift people on various occasions throughout the year. However December is synonymous with gift giving, and just as with most years, the up’s and down’s of trying to nail down the best, most memorable gift item. And the Corporate world is not exempt from the excitement and flurry of activity that comes with it.

The question is not whether to gift or not to; it is what to gift to stand out and to impress. Moreover, with so many offers and gift items, it’s hard to settle on the perfect one.

What is the aim of corporate gifting?

Depending on an organizations objectives, corporate gifting can be for various reasons and goals. The most common ones include:

They can be used as a form of advertising.

They can be used to show appreciation to customers for giving your business.

Gifting employees show them you value them. Happy employees make for satisfied.customers, which in turn reflects positively on your revenue.

Great gift item ideas:

Whatever your aim is when thinking about your gift items, a few guiding principles remain the same; you want something functional, appropriate and easy to brand. Branding does not necessarily mean stamping your logo on every item. There are more subtle ways to brand like simply using your brand colors or your mission statement.

So what are some of the best gifts to consider?

1. Promotional notebooks:

This is an item that ticks all the boxes in terms of its suitability as a corporate gift. Regardless of age, industry and corporate culture, a notebook is suitable across the board.

Notebooks have different binding options, cover material, and sizes which allow you to customize and personalize for a more thoughtful gift.

Depending on the material you have branding options such as embossing, debossing, digital transfer, foiling, laser engraving and so on. You will get something memorable and unique to suit your budget.

It also provides unique opportunity to tell people who you are. For example, by using recycled paper, you are sure to impress other corporates who are environment-friendly as well as communicate your commitment to conservation efforts. Companies and customers always prefer to do business with like-minded people. You can use this gift item to show such shared alignments.

2. Thermal mug:

A thermal mug is excellent for both your clients and employees. It is functional, easy to brand, and IS displayable.

A survey by Staples showed that 84% of workers feel like their day has not started until after their first cup of coffee. The coffee drinking culture is alive and well.

Why not compliment this with a functional gift? It will be used on a daily basis, in and outside the office, displayed on desks and other public places. You can also personalize it by engraving the receiver’s name. It also meets the professional distance aspect of corporate gift giving.

3. Power banks:

People today have a desperate need to stay connected and to keep their devices on, both for business and personal use. This makes a power bank a rather handy in terms of functionality and all the opportunities for display. It’s quite common to see a power bank charging a device in coffee shops, restaurants, hospitals, practically everywhere. Its size and use gives it very high chances of being taken along almost everywhere and being displayed in multiple places. For functionality and brand visibility, this is definitely a win.

4. Stress toys and hand exercisers:

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This one definitely takes the cup regarding uniqueness. Stress toys are displayable, functional and easy to brand items. They also say you care about your client’s mental and physical health. You want to be associated with wellness, and this is a great way to do it.

They are also unique. While, most people will give calendars, pens, and t-shirts, this gift helps you stand above the pack. You do not need to be in the health and fitness industry, nor does your client have to be in this specific industry to appreciate this gift item.

5. Paperweight cum desk clock:

You can go for this functional two-in-one item. Just like the notebook, this is another timeless gift that seamlessly cuts across most organizational cultures. Incorporating the two pieces into one will save space on your clients’ employees desks, and increase how often it’s used, and in turn, how many times your brand crops up in their minds.

Factors to consider when picking a corporate gift

In as much as everyone loves gift, there might be some restrictions and organizational stipulations governing gift giving. Internal constraints also factor in the gift choices. Finding out what these are and working within the boundaries can be the determinant of whether your gift is a hit or a miss.

The most common things to keep in mind are:

Your budget:

Settle on a budget, even before you start thinking of gift ideas. Your financial position will help come up with a figure that will be in tune with other organizational needs. Further, a budget will help you narrow down on the type of gift items to choose from.


As much as you want to give a functional item, avoid giving personal gift items. You can personalize gifts by having the recipient’s name or company name on it, but ensure to keep professional distance.

Organizational restrictions:

Some organizations put a cap on the amount its employees can accept in gifts. If say company X does not allow employees to receive gift items valued over $25, then ensure to keep this figure in mind.

Organizational traits:

Consider the age bracket and the corporate culture as well. Is it fun and outgoing or conventional and laid back? Keep a profile of the recipient in mind to help you pick a suitable gift. This goes for your employees, customers and business partners. This will help distinguish between a functional gift they will love as opposed to one they will shove at the back of a drawer and forget about.

There you have it, a full guide to help you navigate the corporate gift buying process as well as five ideas you should consider having on your gift list. Your clients will appreciate them and you.

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