5 key Features to Look Out for when Creating your Exhibition Stand

Exhibition Stand

Trade shows are one of the best ways your business can utilize to gain visibility and engage prospective customers. The main goal of exhibiting is to reach out to clients in a way that boosts the company’s image and leave a lasting impression. However, setting up an exhibition stand that creates a strong impression of your business is not an easy task.

The vast number of exhibitors combined with space restrictions can limit how you exercise your creativity to create an outstanding stand. With this mind, you may lose out on the opportunity to make a lasting impression if you focus on the basics. It doesn’t matter how well-trained your team is or how superior your products are; you will not attract potential customers if your booth has poor visual appeal. An outstanding stand is a product of a holistic process that combines together audiovisual technology, signage, and graphics.

Before you design your stand, you need to establish your exhibition goals. When you know the reasons or what you want to achieve from the exhibition, defining the target audience and communicating your message will be simplified. These goals will also help you bind different elements of design to create an amazing booth. Here are 5 essential features that will help you create an outstanding exhibition stand.

1. Space & Selection:

While booth size is usually restrictive, it is important to utilize all the space you have been allocated. Obtain all the dimensions from the organizers to be sure of what you are working with. Some trade shows may allow you to set up a stand of up to 20 feet tall, so be sure to take advantage of the height if it is permitted.

If you have the height advantage, consider showing your signage and logo by setting up a high arc for display. Also, eliminate any physical barrier on the entry and confine meeting areas to the rear side of the stand. Besides this, you also need to make a decision on the type of stand that fit your needs. Your selections should be visually appealing, fit perfectly with the products or services you have, and work best for the available space.

2. Messaging & Typography:

Your exhibition will no stand out unless you have a strong, consistent message that is aligned with your goals. The messaging should communicate to potential customers the best image of your company. It works best if you keep the text short and sweet. Actions verbs are usually catchy and effective. A nice way to communicate the message is to find a slogan that sticks to the minds of visitors even after the event. Apart from messaging, typography plays an important role in connecting with the audience. Less is always more when it comes to exhibitions. Refrain from using long sentences if there is a shorter way to communicate the message. Your audience doesn’t have time to read lengthy copies.

The location of the text is equally important. Put your text on the upper side of the stand to reduce the chance of being blocked by people standing near your display stand. In addition to this, choose clear and large fonts that can be seen from far away. Finally, take into consideration your brand guidelines to create a consistent look and feel.

3. Lighting & Audio Visuals:

Using lighting on your display stand is an unavoidable addition. On the basic level, enough lighting helps to enhance aesthetic appeal and brighten your message. Though subtle, the main benefit of lighting is that it helps to draw people to your stand. Lighting can also be useful in highlighting important areas of your stand such as product display area. If you want to create a unique feel and stand out from the competition, consider using colored lighting.

Another way to highlight important areas of the stand is to use graphics. Using few selected images can help to communicate ideas more easily than text. Use the same principles as text when choosing the size and placement of your images. More importantly, think about the target audience and what appeals to their interest. Don’t forget to include your brand identity on your images.

Audiovisual components are important in supporting your messaging. Adding background sound effects or subtle music to your corporate videos can help to communicate important messages such as announcements.

4. Materials:

The last thing you expect during your trade show is to see your well-designed stand crumple. It is, therefore, important to choose high quality and durable materials for your booth. Apart from this, the materials you use should draw the attention of attendees. Fabric dividers, specifically, let you create a rich feel while also letting you separate the client meeting areas. Don’t be afraid to test other materials as well until you find what suits your stand. For better outcome, engage tension fabric experts to help you choose the right combination that reinforces your image.

5. Technology:

Technology plays a crucial role in our lives, so why not use it in your exhibition stand. It will help to add an interactivity angle to your promotion. People are no longer interested in being mere spectators; they love to be participants. Interactive wall and touch screens offer innovative ways to put customers on the driver’s seat. The technology helps them to explore multimedia content while manipulating elements, for example, playing videos, rotating images, or even clicking on links. The best thing is that they are doing all these on their terms.

A significant part of trade shows focuses on product demos. These demos are popular because they allow businesses to present products in front of customers. If you are marketing bulky products that cannot fit into an exhibition booth, Today, almost all big organizations, be it in the manufacturing or services sector are using the best-in-class VR-based display mechanisms at large exhibition arenas for catching the attention of prospects. It is specifically customized for outdoor business/product promotion, as such advanced VR for enterprise takes branding and product marketing to new heights.


In today’s competitive business environment, customers need only a few seconds to make up their mind whether they want to visit your stand or not. You should, therefore, make yours unique in order to draw attention. By taking into consideration the above factors in your design, you are on the right track to making your exhibition booth stand out from the crowd and gain maximum ROI.

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