When everyone is using social media to say what they ate for breakfast and how much they loved it, how can you possibly get your posts noticed in the clamor? Millions of brands are struggling and at least a hundred are disappearing from Instagram every day because they cannot make the cut. Social media is a “free” platform, that means all your competitors, social influencers, and customers are using it right now. It is a challenge to find the target group in this chaos. Using social media as a business tool is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, with these 3 DON’Ts you can easily make sure you are doing social marketing right for your brand –

  1. Don’t go for the overkill 

Gen Z loves to feel in control. Therefore, if you are getting not-so-positive results even after extensive push marketing, then you may be doing your Gen Z targeted brand more harm with push marketing. If you swear by push marketing then give your followers an option to opt out.

The best option for new-age brands is to make their ads on Instagram engaging and/or skipable. You can also use social media influencers to promote your products or brand name. The most followed Instagrammers include the likes of Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. If you can find similar celebrity figures that suit your marketing budget and fit the profile of your products and services, that’s the best way to reinvent your marketing act.

  1. Keep your values real

According to Kate Turkcan of Kantar Futures, “Your social media campaigns should be in light of your company values. You cannot create a separate brand image to blend in with the latest social media trends.”

Many senior execs believe themselves to be too old and try to find a marketing wizard who will get them free Instagram likes.However, not every marketing wizard or social media guru with a hipster outlook is right for your brand. This is almost equivalent to trading your brand identity for publicity. And that is definitely not right for a brand’s image.

  1. Don’t keep up with the Kardashians

Very recently, TruthinAdvertising.org bashed the Kardashians for endorsing dozens of brands and products without acknowledging that they had been “paid” to do so.

This kind of shady advertising is in direct violation of online advertising guidelines and ethics. The celebs are hardly affected by such scandals. It is the brands that take most of the beating. According to FTC, use #ad or #sponsored for sponsored social media posts and ad campaigns to just give your followers a heads-up.

In the last decade, multiple social media platforms have mushroomed that offer free space for newly emerging brands. Creating a brand page/profile is easy, however, gaining followers and getting a sound ROI is the main challenge. These were the 3 things you should never do while promoting your company and brand on social media.

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