One week after the arrival of Google Panda 4.0, many people are wondering what changes they have to make in their marketing strategy, in order not to get hurt by this new wave of penalties, and second to learn how to take advantage of good practices in Content Marketing that allow me to increase my visits by up to 200%.

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It is very important to know how we can benefit from the Panda 4.0 changes, and to be able to apply them to our Content Marketing strategy.

The main novelties that it introduces are to reward the quality and the regularity in the publication of contents.

1.- Define clear and concrete objectives

It is of no use to establish long-term goals, when every x months Google releases a “new animal”, which may change the rules of the game of Content Marketing, which now works, in a few months we do not know if it will continue Working or if it can even penalize us, so the best thing to do is to set very specific goals month to month, so that it is much easier to measure these results.

2.- Utility is the basis of Content Marketing

Gone were marketing strategies of content totally infumables and content of questionable quality, and where we talked about what the company was interested, that already MURIÓ, i.e. corporate content no longer works, now we have to listen to our community And know it well to be able to identify the contents that may be more interesting and attractive.

Useful content is the King of Content Marketing Strategy.

He thinks that making content to attract fleeting visits to your website is absolutely useless.

Therefore, one of the objectives to achieve is that readers spend several minutes reading content on our website, so I recommend that in addition to developing good content, choose a title in line with the content to be developed and not only thinking about The impact of it.

3.- Visual Marketing

How Nealschaffer says “90% of all information transmitted to the brain is visual and this information is processed 60,000 times faster than the text,” the success of visual marketing is not a fashion issue but rather to understand how we process all The information we see.

When we are going to create a brand the first step is to make it into a design, for which it is very important both the choice of color, and the balance and visual harmony between the icon and the slogan.

Visual marketing permeates our entire content marketing strategy, it is convenient to use infographics in our content but always in a responsible way and where the perfect complement of the text but not the substitute.

4.- Experiences and anecdotes

Many companies do not realize how interesting the anecdotes can get within our content. Telling our professional experience can help us connect and empathize with our reader.

Anecdotes make our content more appealing to the user and therefore, encourage more reading.

5. Write only what you are very good at

When you start to take your first steps as a blogger to create content for a blog, think that the first step you will give will be to present you before thousands of professionals that will surely be in your subject, so you should measure very well each content that you work, trying to Each one of them carries a great signature of quality, that is your mark.

So before trying to make some invention that is unsuccessful, focus better on topics that you know very well and write about it, for example I would not think to write an article about law or about architecture, because I have absolutely no idea that respect.

6.- The quality (Q)

The arrival of Google Panda 4.0 has as main objective to promote quality content and those sites that bet on a content marketing strategy based on it.

But that means more work and effort to bloggers because it is not a question of writing short and bland content, but more elaborate content and in which we will have to invest at least twice as much time as we did before.

“Size does matter”, I mean the word size of our content. I recommend that the contents that you elaborate have an extension of 800 to 1500 words.

7.- Organization and frequency of publication

Making a calendar of publications of our blog and working in an organized way is very important, as we have to accustom our readers to certain days of publication to pass through our website.

The frequency of publication is a small stone in the way of many blogs, which like my own, only publish a single person content, because if the frequency with which you publish involved positively in the positioning, this involves spending more hours to The week and increase the publication of contents.

What solutions do we have?

The simplest solution is to give the entry to several professionals that you know well and write high quality content, and commit to for example to publish one content a month in your blog.

What happens if I post one or two articles a month?

It is likely that you will lose authority and visits progressively with the arrival of Google Panda 4.0, since generating a couple of articles a month Google can place the web vitola with “little activity”, this if negatively impacts SEO.

8. Viralization of Content

It is naive to think that just by giving the button to publish in our blog we will get hundreds of visits and social bookmarks, we have to work on promoting them through social networks, therefore it will be fundamental that we have a community of fans and Followers to help us viralize our new article.

It is important that we know the best time to publish content in social networks, and that we should not publish more than once the same content in a social profile in the next 24 hours. A very common mistake that falls is to post the same day twice the same tweet.

9.- It promotes debates on the content

If you have created a good content this will give much to talk in the Social Networks, so you must be very active and participate in all these conversations, especially with comments on Google+ and comments on your blog.

Think that if many people are talking about your content on Google+ and receive many social bookmarks, you can turn it into a trend and endow it with a great virality.

10.- Your content your DNA

Each content you carry has to carry your DNA and your identity. If you are going to write you should find your style in writing and never change, because if you do it can be very negative for your brand.

Every word that you use has to create it and print all your passion, with the aim of provoking a positive reaction in the reader.


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